Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yes we made it!

Jared was flown out at 12:00 pm Nevada time yesterday and was at Primary Childrens by 3:30. Kayla, Justin, Jason and Nia (Jason's girlfriend) were here to meet Jared. When the nurse asked Jared if he recognized them he began to cry and cite their names. He even told Jason, " thanks for dressing up for me."

Jared has adapted pretty well here, already. He stayed awake from the time he arrived until nine o'clock. He slept until seven thirty this morning.

Apparently, Jared thinks he's a comedienne now. He does this creepy thing with his eyes. He can make them shake, or have one stay in place while the other one moves around. Gross! So yesterday he kept teasing the nurses. When a nurse would come in to check on him, he would ask them if his eyes were normal. When they would go to check them, he would do one of his eye tricks and start laughing.

When the nurse was going to take him on a tour of the facility, she asked him if he could walk, Jared told her no. When she left to get a wheelchair he began laughing hysterically. Kayla asked him what was so funny, his response was "I can walk, I just want her to push me around." My kids thought this was funny because Jared can't remember that he can't walk, yet. Side note - the doctor says he should be up walking within the next 3-4 weeks.

He enjoyed watching Napoleon Dynamite with his family and would recite every line before it happened. Which made for better comedy for them!

We all need to laugh! After all, Laughter is the best medicine!

What about me? As I was leaving the parking lot in Vegas I realized I couldn't find my phone. I tore my purse and car apart, no phone. Had to park, go back through security , go upstairs and search Jared's room. No luck. Went back to the car, tore it apart again! Decided it didn't matter. As I was leaving, I remembered I had to sign papers at the nurses station. Parked again, went through security, again, back upstairs and sure enough, Pat the nurse had it. So, forty five minutes later, I'm on my way. Stopped in St. George, grabbed some clothes and off I went.

I was running low on fuel, sixty miles left on tank, when I blew past the gas station off the highway thinking I was in Nephi. I was going to go to the north Nephi exit to fill up. Sign - Nephi 36 miles. By this point my gauge is below the E. Ahhh, what do I do now, speed up (stayed within the six over limit). I have to make a quick decision. Turn off at the Levan exit, I know there is ONE gas station there. Driving on the back road to Levan, I notice it's thirteen miles away, dang, what happens if I run out of gas here, no one will be coming by. Speed! Yes I finally made it to the gas station, but now I have cost myself an extra half hour.

I finally make it to Salt Lake, and instead of going up first, I call to get directions from Kayla's husband, Justin. I take his route, which was a bad idea. I am now lost. I know where I am, but I'm lost. Another twenty minutes go by before I finally find the hospital. It is now nine thirty. I enter, chat for a few and crash on the couch.

How nice it is to have a couch to sleep on and not a chair. I was able to sleep all night, a real honest solid sleep. Why? Because the nurse made Jared wear his helmet to bed, lowered the bed (almost to the floor), and set an alarm in case he tried to sit up. WOW! I didn't have to be on guard all night.

*By the way, when I told Justin his directions were bad, he said "Oh ya, I forgot you were coming from that direction."

Hope you have a good laugh today. Tomorrow I will post some funnies that Jared has said and done during the past week. Some were embarrassing at the time, now I can laugh about them.

Once we get things figured out in a while, I will post when visiting hours are and give you a number to call and schedule a time to visit (Jared's friends).

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