Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh yeah...

Jared walked across the balance beam in therapy by himself and stood on his right leg for eleven seconds and the left leg (the weak one) for six seconds. He wouldn't leave therapy until he could stand for ten seconds on his weak leg, he did it!

February 28th

Four weeks ago our lives changed! Hopefully, we come out better people because of this experience.

Today has been great, Jared had some frustrations last night and was really tired. He fell asleep around 8:30 and didn't wake up until 8:00 this morning.

When you have head injuries some days can become overwhelming and extremely tiring. Speech therapy seems to be the hardest, it causes the brain to work the most. I think speech therapy should have a name change - they do more than actual speech, they work on cognitive, memory and swallowing. Jared only has troubles with his memory, luckily!

Jared decided that he is ready to be sprung from the he told me he was going to knock down therapies so they will let him leave soon. He accomplished all of his goals plus more...Go JaReD!

Tomorrow we will be given a tentative release date...Jared definitely wants to be back to St. George by his birthday - March 28th.

We did have two mishaps - he slipped in the shower with the tech and he fell during physical therapy. He hurt his hip and got some rug burns but he is tough and doing alright.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th

What a wonderful Sabbath Day.

Jared woke up this morning and told me "I feel really good today, like I'm alive!". How sweet. Lee brought Jason in to see Jared today and to watch him for us while we were away.

We all went to sacrament services here at PCH. After, Jared told me "Mom you need to leave right now and go to Tooele for the day, you have been here for three weeks, it's time to go." Wow, big improvement, usually I have a hard time sneaking away for two minutes.

Lee and I went to a mission farewell in Tooele, and had Lee meet Brandon's fiancé and little boy....Oh by the way, Brandon is getting married this summer to a sweet gal Sam and she has a beautiful little two year old boy Jackson. Yay I'm going to be a nana!!! He already asked for a kiss and said bye-bye Nana!

We had several visitors tonight, Grandpa Ed and Grandma Margene came in, one of Lee's mission companions stopped by and some close friends of ours, the Crossley's.

Thanks for your prayers and continued support and love.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th

Last night a nurse told me Jared was doing an amazing job. She was reading the notes in his file, and told me that his brain injury was considered "serious" and that she has never seen anyone progress this much so quickly. In fact she was surprised at how much he has changed since Tuesday.

Jared is AmazInG! (for effect,sing the word AMaZZiiinngg as you read it)

Jared did so well at therapy that he is allowed to have special visitors today and he can leave the hospital for a short outing on Sunday morning, as long as we are back by 10:30, to go to church he reminded me.

He is really beginning to understand how lucky he is and that his progress is because of all the prayers and fasting. He wants to stop by the other religions to tell them thank you personally. What a blessing this "character building experience" has become. This is part of his rescue.

{Wishing All a Happy Saturday}

Patience is a virtue

I think the lesson I am supposed to learn in this life is patience. I must be a terrible student, or just hard headed.

It's interesting because I have great patience in certain areas, like sitting in a hospital room, but put me on the highway and GET OUT OF MY WAY! I have no patience for traffic. So I'm curious to know how sitting quietly in a hospital room will help me with my driving?

One of the nurses in Vegas told me she thought I had the patience of Job. I wonder why my children have to go through things to help me learn patience, and then I wonder what lessons they need to be learning.

A friend asked me if she could learn the lessons that I am learning vicariously. The answer is yes! When we go through trials and we share them with others, we are doing our job to help others find strength to carry on.

I want to share something a friend put on her blog..."I believe that EVERY SINGLE one of us have a story to tell.  Its at times a devastatingly sad story.  Other times is wonderful,  full of hope and light.  I hope you will share yours with someone.  Its in sharing that we find healing."

Because Mandi shared with me (and others), I found new strength. I discovered that we are not alone in our pain and sorrow. I hope that you will find someone to help you through your challenges. 

I discovered a year ago that I can't ask the question "why me", anymore. Why, because I feel that it harbors anger and frustration, which are tools that the adversary wants us to feel, and it keeps us from progressing.

After some serious challenges in my life, I was ready to "quit, quit everything." As I went to my Bishop and asked for advice he had two simple questions for me: "Are you reading your scriptures? Are you saying your prayers?" No, I was doing neither. Then he asked me "Why not?" I didn't feel worthy.

As I humbled myself and started to do the things that were asked of me, my life changed. I could feel the atonement of my Savior and I could feel his comforting arms wrap around me and buoy me up. In the literal moments of feeling this I recognized that I had to change my question from why, to what am I supposed to learn from this and how do I help others.

My life has changed tremendously in the last year and especially in the last seven months. Trying to sell our home, making a major move, and trying to decide what to do with my life. I felt the prompting to not apply for college on the day I was going to sign up, and getting a job was not right either. Now I know why, I had other things that would need my attention.

I am the type of person that has to have things planned and organized ahead of time. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That's my motto. Life is not going that way right now, all I can do now is ask what should I be doing and praying for the strength to move forward.

I have been prepared to deal with this new experience in my life. It hasn't been easy, but I have found the strength from my Heavenly Father because of your prayers and mine. I don't know what will be next in my life. All I can do is keep moving forward, finding strength through my trials and continuing to be refined.

A friend sent me a video link about a year ago, it had such an impact on me that it came to my mind when I was driving to Vegas not knowing if my son would be alive or not. It gave me strength to continue forward. It is found on YouTube under My Story - Finding Hope & Strength Through Trials.

I WILL continue to move forward!

Ether 12:27

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th

It's been a rough one!

Jared refused to do anything this morning and became pretty frustrated with me not doing things for him. I decided to leave for a few hours. He called me within an hour, please come back. I didn't go right back, I took a break until noon.

The therapists and Dr. allowed Jared to have a break this morning and now they have put him on a one on one, meaning he can't be left alone at all, because he jumped out of bed without his helmet and tried to walk to St. George by himself. Scared everybody (Drs and Nurses and ME!) having him get out of bed so quickly and start walking.

Jared has an amazing attitude that keeps him laughing, but the impulsivity is a problem right now. He will not be allowed to leave this weekend because of that challenge. We were hoping he could leave for a couple of hours on Saturday and half the day on Sunday. Maybe next week.

Last night was awesome. Lee took me to Tucci's for dinner, I have not been a fan and haven't been back for nine years, BUT, they changed their menu about four years ago, AMAZING! Give it a try, it is across the street from Trolley Square.

The CT came back normal. The challenges with Jared's right hand is due to severe bruising deep inside the left part of the brain. Did you know that the left side of your brain controls your right half of your body and your right side controls the left half of your body. CRaZy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is Elliott a rehab dog. He prayed for Jared. He knelt by the bed, put his paws on the bed, bowed his head for a second, then barked quietly for amen. Adorable

Jared with baby Keaton, Ia, and Dad

Life is good!

We had a couple of rough days, but today has been awesome!

Jared did awesome in his therapy and earned time with his friend tonight! Lee and I are going to sneak away from the hospital and go out to dinner! The food here has been pretty good, just need some time away. I think Jared will appreciate some free time with his friend. Yesterday morning I walked Kayla outside and I realized I have not been outside since Friday night.

We went to a going away party for a girl that we met here. We went downstairs to the gift shop and Jared picked a little something out for Ia. Jared loves Ia (pronounced ee-uh). He couldn't wait to give her the doll he bought, and when we went to the party he was super excited about blowing one of those annoying horns for her.

We first met Ia and her mother at sacrament meeting Sunday. She loved waving to Jared. During OT therapy Jared was asked to make a sand art picture, he told the OT that was lame and childish. I suggested that he make one as a going away gift for Ia, he loved the idea. When he gave the card to her, she gave him a big hug! Ia asked her mom if she could take Jared home with her. She is six years old. Jared thinks it's cool that they are from Norway, hanging out in Provo while mom goes to BYU. By the way do you know how long it takes to fly to Norway? Twenty eight hours. We wish them well.

Before the party, Kayla and I took Jared downstairs to eat in the cafeteria. Jared was able to choose for himself, but when we went to sit down he asked if we could go back to the room. He told me it was too noisy for him (I'm one for quiet, it was not noisy at all to me). The audiologist told me that with his hearing loss, big areas will be hard for him. This is interesting, I now understand why he won't listen to his iPod. All he wants to do is listen to the quiet piano music from the cd player or television.

Jared is HaPpY and LaUghIng today!

PCH Address

Jared Garbett #2017 NTU
100 N Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84113

February 24th

Our mornings are really busy now. We have finally got a schedule put together for Jared, it seems to be helping.

Jared is still having a problem with impulsivity, saying things wihtout thinking and trying to climb in and out of bed without his helmet, he doesn't have a complete understanding of " why" he can't do things without the helmet.

Dr. Mike told us this morning that the neuro surgeon here has agreed to put Jared's bone piece back in, sometimes they won't mess with other surgeons work. This should happen in the next couple of weeks.

They want to run a CT Angiogram to make sure Jared doesn't have any broken blood vessels that would be causing his right arm to be so weak. If he does have some broken vessels, they will put him on an aspirin regimen because he would be at risk for strokes.

We love our night nurse, Grace. She has been a big help with creating schedules for Jared. She created different charts using skateboard themes. She has also spent some time helping me to better understand brain injuries and gave me "the book" to read.

Jared's visitors yesterday, besides the cute baby that he remembers very well, were Uncle Dee and cousin James, Roger Brady and Matt Pike, they brought a large get well card signed by the youth from the 14th ward. Thanks everybody! But, the most important person that showed up last night, DAD! We haven't seen Lee since last Wednesday. we met Lee in the lobby and Jared wanted to walk to him, they gave each other a giant bear hug! We are excited to have dad here for a few days.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23rd

Busy, busy, busy day!

This morning, Dr. Mike told us that Jared will be here about 2-3 weeks. He thinks that Jared's problem with his right arm is from a contusion on the left side of the brain, which shouldn't be permanent. Jared started using his right arm more last night to eat.

Jared had some pretty big meltdowns this morning during therapies. He refused to do anything for quite a time. We decided to set up rules...finish therapy, earn a reward. The reward Jared likes is having friends here. So he was motivated to finish therapy strong this afternoon so his friend, Hayden can spend some time here tomorrow night.

Jared had to have an audiology test. He has a partial hearing loss in his left ear. An ENT will be called in to do some more testing. The pre-diagnosis, is that the tiny bones behind the ear drum may be broken.

We had a special visitor, baby Keaton (5 weeks). His mommy Sammy and Sister Dunn came too. Thanks for coming to visit. Jared loved holding the baby.

We are headed down to get an EEG, to see how things look and see if we can take him off of the seizure medicine.

Better day than yesterday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd

It's been a little rough today. Jared had to do three, half hour sessions this morning with his three different therapists. Then we had to do it all over again this afternoon. He wasn't too happy about it. He has been a little defiant with me and has been yelling at me today.

One of the challenges is getting Jared to order a meal. He loves the food here, you get to order what you want, when you want and as much as you want. I have to demand that he orders something. He tells me he is not hungry, but when it arrives he gulps it down. He really does like the food, just ask anyone that has come by, that's all he can talk about.

I think one of the techs here thought I was being mean because I wouldn't help Jared put his shoe on. His OT wants him doing it himself. Jared was yelling at me, in front of the tech, so i told him if he wasn't nice I was going to leave until tonight, weird look from tech. When we were headed to another session of therapy I let go of the wheelchair for a second to grab something from my other hand and the wheelchair ran away and crashed into the door frame, oops! It jammed Jared's toes, the one without the shoe. The tech started acting weird with me. Yes, like I meant to do that! After therapy a hospital social worker shows up and asks me if I'm okay. Hmmm, wonder why she came in. Yes I'm fine. Now I'm in tears and feel like I'm the worst parent in the world. Aaaarrrggghhh! I think that I don't care for the tech.

We came back for a rest, Jared fell asleep listening to some quiet piano music from one of our favorite cd's, Matt Bachrach Waters Edge.

Jared's friend Sam is coming in tonight and bringing Jared, Dairy Delight....he is so excited. Remember he was dreaming about Dairy for a whole week!

The doctor this morning told us that Jared should be here for only a couple of weeks. He needs another EEG to clear him so they can take him off of the seizure meds. The PT told us today that this weekend we will be able to take Jared out of the hospital for a few hours.

Jared walked three quarters of the way back to his room this morning from the gym with a walker. He is doing an amazing job.

I think his brain has been overloaded today, tomorrow will be better for him!

Last night, Jared's friend Josh from St George called to talk to him, he was so excited. He was just asking me if we could call him, when he called. Good timing. Jared also talked with Vince, who was telling Jared about his church praying for him. After the phone call Jared read the card that Vince had sent, it had signatures from members of his congregation telling Jared they were praying for him. Jared asked me if that was okay that others were praying for him, what a great teaching moment that was, to be able to explain to Jared that all prayers are welcome, and can be heard and answered by our loving Father in Heaven. As he pondered that for a moment, he said "There are a lot of people praying for me right, that's why I'm doing so well!". Yes, that is why you are doing so well, Heavenly Father has great plans for you.

My friend Mary was here and was part of that aha moment. She shared some insight with Jared that was important and gave him food for thought. I am grateful she was here to share that with us.

I shared with Jared what faiths have been praying for him, and I'm sure there are others that I don't know about. Catholic, Calvary Chapel Men's Fellowship,

...pray for one another, that you may be healed. the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

Monday, February 21, 2011


The most wasted of all days is one without LaUghTeR!

- Early one morning Jared was begging the nurse to let him walk home from Vegas, he offered her a million dollars. When she accepted, his response was, "Well, I don't actually have the money but I will get a job and pay you back."

- The next night he offered her his iPod, she told him she still wanted the million.

- One day he was so agitated the nurse decided to give him his meds early, as she was walking down the hall, he YELLS, "Hey how long does it take you to walk your butt down the hall?" (I'm mortified)

- When he was being fitted for his helmet he was yelling, "You're killing me, it's hot, I'm going to die in here.". He had to have a plastic bag and stocking over his head so they could mold a helmet.

- While agitated early one morning he started yelling at the monitors to shut up. When they finally stopped beeping, he yelled again, "That's right, that's what I'm talking about."

- One night he was yelling for me, when I would look at him and tell him I was there he would yell "You're not my mom, mom.". Who am I then, "Mom." When the nurse told him that I was his mom, he said "No she's too old to be my mom.". I have aged a little and turned more gray.

- When he rolled over he got his right arm stuck underneath him, as I was trying to lift his dead weight up and pull his arm out he started screaming, "Help me, my mom's freaking out on me, help!"

- During physical therapy, he was sitting in a chair and he let me know he had to go to the bathroom. I told him we had to wait a minute to get him back in bed, Jared noticed his dad coming down the long hall and he started screaming, "Dad help me, mom won't let me go to the bathroom, help, she's mean."

Most of these situations happened on the same day in Vegas. Now you know why I ran away for a few hours.

Later that evening when I returned, Lee had given Jared a father's blessing. Jared was much calmer and was asking for a hug when I came in.

Even last night after all of his teasing me, he asked me to tuck him in bed and reminded me we needed to do family prayer. What a blessing it has been to continue family prayer kneeling beside his bed, as one.

Today Jared had some more visitors, Grandma Lin, Grandpa Wil, Aunt Lis and Uncle Bryson. His best friend since second grade, Hayden and his family stopped by and brought him a video game and a six pack of Jones Soda. I think Jared is getting spoiled. He is grateful for so many awesome friends and family!
"Seven days without laughter makes one weak. Keep laughing."

February 21st

I'm loving being here at Primary Children's Hospital! Jared and I have both been able to sleep a solid ten hours the last two nights! Who says you can't catch up on sleep?

Yesterday was amazing. Jared stood up with a little help for balance and got into a wheelchair. We were able to go upstairs to sacrament services. We both felt the spirit strong and it testified to the both of us that we were where we belong. We are grateful to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I am grateful I returned home instead of staying in Vegas. I know that Lee had better judgment than I did at the time of making the decision to come to PCH for rehab. I am grateful to have a loving and caring husband that tends to "know" more than me (at least insights).

Yesterday Jared had some from friends stop by, Isaac, Eric and Willy. Thanks for coming by!
His Grandma Lin and Grandpa Wil, cousin Matt and Jason also stopped by. Later his two cousins, Chase and Tayler stopped by because their little sister is on the third floor.

Jared's bone flap(I really hate that name) is in CA because Vegas doesn't have a facility to store it and Jared was too skinny to put it into his abdomen. They thought he was skinny before, he's really skinny now! PCH is working on having it transferred here to store. Jared weighs 92 lbs right now, on the day of the accident he weighed 129.5!

Jared had physical therapy today, with help for balance, he walked on a treadmill. For occupational therapy he had to put blocks on a board, balance on his knees with his arms extended. Then speech therapy made him write on his blog and answer some short term memory questions. Amy, the speech therapist knows my dad. What a coincidence.

We are happy, happy, happy. Jared still thinks he's funny! He really knows how to roll with the punches. He is a great inspiration. If we could all deal with challenges the way he has, I think life would be easier to deal with. This morning he was getting dressed and as he pulled up his shorts he started singing "I'm a big boy now!"

Yesterday he discovered that part if his skull was missing, but instead of freaking out, he laughed about it and tells everyone who enters the room " Hey, part of my head is missing, do you want to feel?". It's mushy like an overripe kiwi. Gross!!

Check out Jared's post from earlier, he had to decide what he wanted to say and type it himself.

Message from JARED

The following post was typed by Jared as part of his speech therapy:

hey its jared
i will be in salt lake for about a .month
im in primary childrens hospital
come see me pleASE
i was boxing and got knocked out
i have a awesome scar on my head
im missing part of my skull
my skull is in carls bag aka carls bad
i have to where a helmet like a dork haha
18016622017 number to my room
call me

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Visiting Hours

Jared can have his friends visit from 12-9 pm everyday. We chose these hours to help with being "mobbed" and to allow for time for our family to be here. Jared will also have therapy in the mornings. We are at Primary Childrens Hospital. If you need directions, want to call and talk to Jared or see if it is a good time to come in, give us a shout. 801-662-2017

Can't wait to here from friends!

My family and friends are welcome to come when you would like.

The doctor seems to think we should only be here for about a month or less. She expects a full and complete recovery.

The PT had Jared get up and with help walk across the room. He did an awesome job, considering two days ago he couldn't stand at all!

PCH does things different than UMC in Vegas. They don't think Jared needs to stay on the anti-seizure meds for four months. They are going to take him off this week. They also believe in putting the bone flap back into place, soon. The nice thing, they can do the surgery here, so we don't have to go back to Vegas in four months.

Funny for the day (this will be funny to those who have seen Young Frankenstein): Amy, Jared's speech therapist was trying to locate his bone flap. In the dictation notes from UMC it says his piece is located in Karl's bag California. Should be Carlsbad CA. LAUGHING MYSELF SILLY! I would hope that his bone was in Jared's bag!!! HA HA HA

Yes we made it!

Jared was flown out at 12:00 pm Nevada time yesterday and was at Primary Childrens by 3:30. Kayla, Justin, Jason and Nia (Jason's girlfriend) were here to meet Jared. When the nurse asked Jared if he recognized them he began to cry and cite their names. He even told Jason, " thanks for dressing up for me."

Jared has adapted pretty well here, already. He stayed awake from the time he arrived until nine o'clock. He slept until seven thirty this morning.

Apparently, Jared thinks he's a comedienne now. He does this creepy thing with his eyes. He can make them shake, or have one stay in place while the other one moves around. Gross! So yesterday he kept teasing the nurses. When a nurse would come in to check on him, he would ask them if his eyes were normal. When they would go to check them, he would do one of his eye tricks and start laughing.

When the nurse was going to take him on a tour of the facility, she asked him if he could walk, Jared told her no. When she left to get a wheelchair he began laughing hysterically. Kayla asked him what was so funny, his response was "I can walk, I just want her to push me around." My kids thought this was funny because Jared can't remember that he can't walk, yet. Side note - the doctor says he should be up walking within the next 3-4 weeks.

He enjoyed watching Napoleon Dynamite with his family and would recite every line before it happened. Which made for better comedy for them!

We all need to laugh! After all, Laughter is the best medicine!

What about me? As I was leaving the parking lot in Vegas I realized I couldn't find my phone. I tore my purse and car apart, no phone. Had to park, go back through security , go upstairs and search Jared's room. No luck. Went back to the car, tore it apart again! Decided it didn't matter. As I was leaving, I remembered I had to sign papers at the nurses station. Parked again, went through security, again, back upstairs and sure enough, Pat the nurse had it. So, forty five minutes later, I'm on my way. Stopped in St. George, grabbed some clothes and off I went.

I was running low on fuel, sixty miles left on tank, when I blew past the gas station off the highway thinking I was in Nephi. I was going to go to the north Nephi exit to fill up. Sign - Nephi 36 miles. By this point my gauge is below the E. Ahhh, what do I do now, speed up (stayed within the six over limit). I have to make a quick decision. Turn off at the Levan exit, I know there is ONE gas station there. Driving on the back road to Levan, I notice it's thirteen miles away, dang, what happens if I run out of gas here, no one will be coming by. Speed! Yes I finally made it to the gas station, but now I have cost myself an extra half hour.

I finally make it to Salt Lake, and instead of going up first, I call to get directions from Kayla's husband, Justin. I take his route, which was a bad idea. I am now lost. I know where I am, but I'm lost. Another twenty minutes go by before I finally find the hospital. It is now nine thirty. I enter, chat for a few and crash on the couch.

How nice it is to have a couch to sleep on and not a chair. I was able to sleep all night, a real honest solid sleep. Why? Because the nurse made Jared wear his helmet to bed, lowered the bed (almost to the floor), and set an alarm in case he tried to sit up. WOW! I didn't have to be on guard all night.

*By the way, when I told Justin his directions were bad, he said "Oh ya, I forgot you were coming from that direction."

Hope you have a good laugh today. Tomorrow I will post some funnies that Jared has said and done during the past week. Some were embarrassing at the time, now I can laugh about them.

Once we get things figured out in a while, I will post when visiting hours are and give you a number to call and schedule a time to visit (Jared's friends).

Friday, February 18, 2011


Ugh...I knew there was more than one reason why I don't like Obama. Jared's flight has been delayed, again. Air-med has to come from San Francisco this morning. They are being delayed because Pres. Obama's plane will be landing there this morning, so all flights are delayed.

Supposedly, they will be here around 11:30 and Jared will be in Salt Lake by 3:30. I will believe that when it actually happens! I bet we don't get out until later.

Jared had a GREAT night sleep. He slept from eight thirty until four. He only woke up because his stomach started hurting and then he began hurling! Gross, I know. He is doing well now.

Wish us luck today!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I decided to share some pics of the day after and today. What a difference in just seventeen days. This is a testimony of a real miracle, because of faith, prayers and fasting. Thank you for your continued love.
Around here, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward opening up new doors and doing new things-Walt Disney
January 31st                     February 17th

Headed out....

The plans have been finalized. Jared will be sent by air med tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. He should arrive at PCH around 12:30 Utah time.

I had a small meltdown, had some lunch and took a nap with Jared for about 3 hours. Ready to rock-n-roll again!

A message from JARED: What's up everybody?

I was just teasing him, don't you want to put more. He just smiled and shook his head no. Jared is laughing and smiling a ton! What a beautiful sight to see.

A gentleman from Lee's work sent Jared a card with a scripture that helped me today. Thanks Rob!

Isaiah 40:28-30
Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Still in Vegas

Grrrr.....still in Vegas. We received a call from air med asking for seven thousand dollars up front to cover part of the flight costs. Ya right! Send him by ambulance then. So we have been waiting all day yesterday and this morning to find out what's up. Finally they called and told us they would take him at 5:00 tonight. How am I supposed to drive all night on little sleep.

Now PCH just called and they don't want Jared to come until tomorrow morning. What? Apparently they are still sending him by air med for only fifteen hundred. Whatever! I still don't know when we will be there. The two hospitals and air med are trying to coordinate everything. We may be there sometime this month! Extremely frustrated!

But, Jared is doing well, his short term memory is getting a little better each day. He still gets frustrated easily.

His OT/PT wanted him to be on a film for the UMC hospital as one of their star students. He has progressed so much in just a few days. So This morning he was filmed in therapy, and then they turned the camera on me and filmed me answering questions. Nice, slept in the hospital, no make up and who knows what with the hair!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Headed to rehab

We just received a phone call from Primary Childrens Hospital that Jared will be flown to their facility either today or tomorrow. Jared is excited he gets to fly and was laughing that I have to drive.

Things around here either happen very, very, veeeerrrryyyy slow, or it's a whirlwind.

So, as promised I returned to the RMcD house this morning around 7 for some sleep. I crashed, until I received a phone call at 10 from the front desk, we are shutting off the water and we have to get into all of the rooms. Aaarrrggghhhh!

Get up, get ready. Then the thought came to my mind, I should clean the room, pack my stuff and load my car. Glad I followed that prompting. Who knows when I will have to leave.

Earlier Jared was asking about his friend Josh from St. George. He wants you to know he misses you and hopes to see you soon.

I will keep posting on our progress, hopefully we will find out soon when we get out of here!

February 15th

*I wrote this post yesterday, thought I posted it! Oops.

Aaarrrggghhhh! Rough night for all.

Jared was extremely frustrated with everything, couldn't get comfortable and just down right agitated with a capital A.

This made for a long night for me! After being yelled at all night, I decided I was done at 10:00 this morning. So I made a selfish decision to leave for a few hours. I went shopping and bought myself a new outfit, so I could feel like me again. I even put make-up on today. Remember, I came to Vegas with the dirty clothes I was wearing that horrible night. The only clothes I have been wearing are oversized hoodies or undersized hoodies. Good to feel better, now I'm back on my game to help with Jared.

I talked to Lee this morning, he will be coming back tonight to give me a break. I have been at the hospital about twenty two hours a day. What we won't sacrifice for someone we love.

The social worker here is trying to find a facility for us in Salt Lake that will fit Jared's needs. I think tomorrow they will move him from PICU, to a regular room. Which will be better for visitors. Still not sure when we will be out of here.

One of Jared's friends was wondering if Jared could do a post. I think this is a great idea, so I will talk to Jared and see if he would like to post something. It will be later today.

Went to dinner with Lee while Jared was resting, then I returned to the RMcD house for some sleep. Woohoo, I got 5 hours, returned for the night shift. Lee was a little frustrated with me telling me I should have slept longer. Longer, are you kidding me 5 hours beats 1 1/2 hours any time!! I will go back to the house in the morning and sleep all day, I promise. My posts may be later. But know, all is well.

Sending a HaPPy BiRtHDaY out to Karen & Jackie. Jared wants me to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He remembers you. Hope your day is awesome!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15th Night post

From Lee. I left work early today to come back and spell Michelle. She has been in the picu since I left on Sunday. After a quick dinner, she headed to the McD house for some much needed sleep. Jared is ornery, but I can't really blame him. He seems much more aware than he was on Sunday. He's had a hard time settling down tonight. I finally asked him if he wanted a Priesthood blessing. He said yes, please. I laid my hands on his head and blessed him to sleep well and be calm. Almost immediately, he fell asleep and has remained calm since. There is much power in the Priesthood. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lords hands.

Tonights funny moment. Jared keeps ripping off his finger monitor ......I think it's for his pulse. It has a red led light on the end of it. I told Jared to quit pulling the monitor off. He looked at me and with a very serious tone said: "Dad, it's not a monitor, it's my iPod charger." Good stuff, I can tease him about later.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th - Gratitude

It's official, they finally took Jared's neck brace off! Jared was so happy he started crying and saying thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, in between big crocodile tears!

We are still waiting to find out where we will do rehab, this hospital is a little slow!

Pretty quiet day. Hopefully we will have some news tomorrow.

I'm just sitting here watching Finding Nemo trying to get Jared settled down for the night...he remembers I speak whale!
As Dory said "When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do?

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim!"

Sending love out to all, have a good evening!

Valentines Day


My HEART is full today!

Sending my Love to everyone!

Remember the days when we would drop off valentine cards on doorsteps, ring the bell and run. We need those days back!

It's quiet right now. Waiting for the MRI test results to come back. Then decision time. It was a quiet night. Jared slept better having all the tubes removed. He seems to be more alert today, asking a lot of questions.

I think I mentioned before that the Ronald McDonald House makes 120 lunches for families in pediatric waiting rooms. I received one today, it was so cute. They had some kids draw on the lunch sacks and then we all got a homemade valentine card inside with a box of candy hearts. My card was from a small child named Jabori, have a nice day and was scribbled on...I'm sure the child was about three years old. How sweet!

I received flowers today from my baby girl Kayla. She is so thoughtful. Flowers make me happy!

Here's my shout-out to ALL of my family everywhere!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13th - Update

It's been an emotional day for everyone. You never know what the day will bring.

Jared has been emotional again today. He started crying at one point saying he was sorry for taking my car, wrecking it and causing so much trouble. How much it hurts watching Jared try to put things back into place.

Lee and I left for a few hours when he was sedated. I wanted some time with Lee, away from the hospital and outside in the sunshine. We went for a short drive to see Red Rock. What a beautiful place. It was nice to be outside in the sunshine.

I had an emotional day, Lee left tonight to go back to St. George. If I end up leaving this week and going back to the Salt Lake area it will be a fast transition. Run to St. George load some clothes and leave. I know this will be best for Jared but I don't want to leave Lee. I' m being a little selfish at the moment.

Around 5:00 pm Jared begins to get restless, agitated and emotional. As I sat with him crying, he pulled my hand up, kissed it and said "I Love You, mom." Around 8:00 he told me he loved me again and wanted a kiss. How sweet and tender. I love you, Jared. He is such a beautiful boy.

Dr. ? (forgot his name), the neurologist came to do a quick assessment. He told me Jared should be further along therapeutically. Jared has two different parts of his brain that are damaged. This explains the weakness in his right arm and trouble with his left leg. The bleeding, however, was on the outside of the cortex. Which is good. They will have more info tomorrow after the MRI.

About twenty minutes later he returned and told me that Jared's delay is due to an overdose of a strong anti-seizure medication (adult strength). He will put him on a milder med starting tomorrow. Anti-seizure meds are needed after a brain trauma because the blood on the brain irritates the nerves and causes seizures. Jared will have to be on the meds for about three months, long enough for the swelling to go down.

Dr. Sharma came in around 8:00 and told the nurse to pull his NG tube tonight at midnight, and remove the central line now. Maybe Jared can get a little more comfortable and I can sleep a little more tonight, not having to stop him from pulling tubes out. I did get a solid four hours last night. It has only taken me two weeks to figure out how to sleep comfortably in a chair! Score, no sore hips tomorrow!

I have received many texts, calls, and articles to read since my post yesterday. Thank you, they have been a big help. I will be passing on info to the other family here that Lee mentioned. They too are frustrated with the lack of answers and information.

I felt guilty and sad yesterday when they stood at the end of the hall watching Jared sit up in a chair. I know they were happy for us, but my heart breaks for them. My prayers continue for them and their son.

I not only forgot the neurologists name but I even forgot Jared's name and who I was. In order to get into PICU, you have to call on a phone, state the patients name and who you are. When the nurse answered the phone, all I could say was uhhh! Lee quickly came to my rescue.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and kind words.

We love all of you.

February 13th - Update

Dr. Ingaroma just informed us that tomorrow they will finally take the neck brace off, remove the NG tube, the central line and they will be removing the staples from his head. Interesting fact: the way that they will be removed is inside the MRI, it acts like a giant magnet that will pull them out.

Jared just read a giant get well card to us. Lee was making a joke using a line from a movie, Jared quickly picked up on it and finished the rest of the line and told us what movie it was from. It was hilarious!

Tomorrow we will meet with a social worker to set up rehab, rides, deal with insurance and finalize plans. Jared will have to be transported by ambulance, because he is still considered critical care.

We have decided that it would probably be better for Jared to be in a facility in Salt Lake. This way friends and family can visit more often, which we think will be therapeutic.

So we wanted to explain a little about Jared's situation:

*When a healthy person lies in bed without moving for five days, you will lose about 30% of your muscle mass.
*When you have a head trauma, are on meds, a ventilator and in a coma for the length of time Jared has been, he will have lost about 80% of his muscle mass. This will have to be recovered through long-term rehabilitation. Which means he will have to learn to walk again.
*He is still having a little trouble with short term memory, we are not sure if this will be permanent or is because his brain is still trying to adjust and re-file everything.

In about six weeks we will have a better idea of the long term effects. We are staying positive, but this is going to be a long road to recovery.

Here's my shout-out to the YW's groups, from the South Pointe and Tooele Wards! Thank you for your letters and testimonies. You are BeAutIfuL DaUghTeRs of our Heavenly Father!

I hope that I may become a better person because of this "character building experience." I am choosing not to use the word trial anymore.

I say my prayers multiple times a day thanking Heavenly Father for our blessings at this time and wonder if that is enough to show my appreciation and love. I think by becoming stronger, remaining faithful and helping to lift others will be my gift of gratitude.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giant Leap

I just watched Jared pull his left leg up, I was so excited!!! I grabbed it and was pushing it towards his body, he began pushing it back. WOW! Lee and I are ecstatic! I cannot believe the miracles that are happening.

Dr. Ingaroma told us Jared will probably be able to be moved to a facility early next week. Then we can start allowing visitors!

We are flying high right now!

After the darkest hour, the sun will shine!

February 12th - Update

Jared had a more restful night. He thought he was at Dairy Delight (a local burger place in in our hometown) the whole night. He kept telling me he needed to call his mom, she is probably worrying about me. He would get frustrated when I would explain where he was and call me a liar, and then he said I hate you, well, kind of hate you. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for him.

This morning he is calmer and slept for a solid 4 hours.

He was scheduled for an MRI this morning, the nurses told us to take a break and come back after 10:00. Jared wouldn't know we were away. That didn't last long when we got a call to come back, Jared was looking for us. The MRI was canceled until Monday because of an emergency. He has to have the test to see if they can take his neck brace off.

He was yelling "excuse me", when the nurse came in he asked where we were. He asked them to call me and he gave them my phone number. When we walked in the room he began crying and said "It's about time, you've been gone forever. Like 8 hours." It was sad but funny.

He ate some of his breakfast, he knows that hospital food is nasty! He was able to tell me that he is in the hospital. Good signs for today.

Lee and I are trying to make a decision for rehabilitation. Jared will need a facility that is 24/7. We are not sure what is the best option, Salt Lake or Vegas. I want to be near Lee, but I have more resource options (family, friends) in Salt Lake. We are going to research our choices and hopefully, through prayer, we will make a good choice.

One thing that is frustrating is not knowing what will happen next. I don't know why they can't give us an idea of what to expect. I wish I knew someone that could explain, from experience, what rehab is going to be like. I want to make an informed decision. Will my life be crazy by myself in Vegas?

Friday, February 11, 2011


1800 W Charleston Blvd 
Trauma Center Pediatric ICU Rm 278
Las Vegas 89102 


What happens in Vegas apparently stays in Vegas

This is from Lee. I just found out that the rehabilitation center we were hoping to place Jared in at St. George will not be a good fit for him. Michelle and I have talked about whether to bring him to SLC or leave him in Vegas. If we move him to SLC for rehab, it is more difficult for me to see him as often. Most likely he will end up at a Rehab facility named Desert Canyon in Vegas.

Jared is eating a bit more today, so hopefully he can get the dang feeding tube out of his nose tonight. We are also hopeful that he will get his neck brace off today.

We just received some cards and notes from members of the Tooele 14th Ward Relief Society and Young Women's group. Thank you so much for the kind words, prayers and support. We love and appreciate our Ward members (whether former - Tooele or current - St. George).

Long Day

This is from Lee. It's been an exhausting day. He is really delusional today. Jared will sleep and then wake up. When he wakes up, he wants to know where he is at. For two hours, he was really mad at me because he thought he was at "Dairy Delight" in Tooele. I told him he was in the hospital and he called me a liar. He has cried a lot. He keeps asking me to take him home. I've been helping with some of the more personal issues with Jared (helping him go to the bathroom, etc) and really struggle with this kind of stuff. Whatever nurses get paid, it's not enough. I'll admit it, I'm dog tired. Michelle will be here soon, after her 5 hours of sleep. She should win Mother of the Year.........

On the bright side, we're grateful to have these challenges with Jared. Just a few short days ago, we were hoping he'd open his eyes. The fact that we are dealing with the current challenges should make us grateful.

The kid in the room next to Jared's old room, still hasn't woke up yet. Our hearts ache for this family and we pray for them to have a miracle with their son.

February 11th -Update

It was a fairly quiet night. Jared is not as emotional as yesterday, but now he is in the defiant stage. Typical teenager! He was ripping wires out last night and was yelling about how hot it was, and what a crappy hotel this is!!!

I'm wondering if the hospital gives discounts when you help out. Last night I learned how to plug in every wire that he pulled out.

He can tell time and count. This morning physical and occupational therapy came and got him up and out of bed. He has to wear a helmet when he is out of bed and the one they gave him was too big, when asked to lift his leg and touch the OT's hand, he said "I can't, everything is black." He also ate a little breakfast. Hopefully by tonight they will remove his NG tube from his nose that is feeding him.

This will be a slow process. I knew, but didn't get it, until they sat him up, he looked like a rag doll. We are still concerned about his left leg, he can feel you touching it, but he can't move it.

We watched a little bit of tv last night, he remembered the programs, even enough to tell me he hates icarly.

Off to bed for me. By the way, Lee did an amazing job yesterday. He is stronger than he thinks. I am grateful that he is here.

Love to all!
For those who are calling or texting me, I'm not ignoring you. I am just busy, busy, or sleeping. Hopefully we can get Jared back on a good sleeping schedule.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post from Lee - 5:30 PM

It's been a crazy day with Jared.  He would go to sleep and then wake up and keep trying to get out of his bed.  I must have explained to him at least 20 times why he was there and why he couldn't get out of bed.  He is talking well and seems to understand what he is asked and responds accordingly.  He has cried a lot.  Mostly, I think out of frustration of not being able to move about.  I think he still has some post operation/accident delusions.  He asked me to take him outside to pee, because he didn't want to do it in front of anyone (his catheter had been removed earlier today).  When I told him that we were in the hospital, he told me I was lying and that our front yard was behind the curtains.  I pulled the curtains back and pointed to the nurses station.  Jared was very disappointed as he just wanted some privacy.  Although, I'm not certain that our front yard would have given him any!  :)

One of the physical therapists came in and worked him over (moving his arms and legs and stretching them etc.  He was able to get through that pretty well.  We were able to get him moved to a room (#278) with a view (room with a window).  At least now, he'll be able to understand the difference between night and day.

We also just had a visit from a guy who was fitting Jared with a "helmet."  The guy actually had one that was perfect for Jared.  It is made out of some kind of plastic covered foam and kind of looks like a hockey helmet.  I'm sure Jared will hate it as he will have to wear it for two-three months.  The surgeons will not replace the bone they removed from his skull until that time.  I guess it takes quite a while for the brain to shrink back to size.  Jared will have a big soft spot on the left side of his head.  Thus the helmet (to protect him).

Michelle left some time around noon.  I hope she can get some good sleep.  I was actually able to do several work related items today.  It felt very good.

It sounds like we'll be able to have Jared's rehabilitation stay in St. George.  I talked to our insurance company and Dixie Regional (IHC owned) has a rehabilitation center that deals with brain injuries.  We are grateful for this as we should be able to get our life somewhat back to normal (without the traveling) and Jared's friends will be able to visit him.

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers.  We'd also like to thank those who have sent get well cards and wishes.  We truly appreciate your kindness.  There are many kids in here (PICU) that are not doing as well as Jared.  Please keep them in your prayers also.  I'm amazed by the many challenges each of these parents and their kids have to go through.  When all is said and done, I believe we are and have been, very blessed.


February 10th - Morning Update

It was a quiet night, Jared was able to get some rest most of the night. He did a lot of talking in his sleep, which is normal for Jared.

Around 11:00 last night he woke me up talking and trying to move around. When I spoke to him from across the room he asked "who is there?" When I asked him if he knew who he was he replied "Jared, what, do you think I'm stupid." That is so Jared!

He's feeling quite overwhelmed and emotional this morning trying to understand everything. He told me that he just wanted to sleep, he didn't feel good, but he's not in any pain.

As he was trying to sleep, Lee was on the phone, Jared told me, "tell dad to shut-up, I'm trying to sleep."

Things are looking good. Jared will be in PICU for a while longer. Then we will make some decisions on a full time rehabilitation center. At that point, we can set up some time that his friends can come and visit! That would really cheer him up.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th - Update

Jared is resting comfortably, yawning tons and making good progress. He will be moved to another room in PICU tomorrow, one with a window to help him acclimate to day and night. They want to try and get him into a wheel chair and let him have ice cream, too!

Tonight he was getting aggravated, he doesn't want to be tied down. He started to yell at the nurse, "I need to shower." Lee told him we bought him some new deodorant, and Jared responded "I need a shower first, before axe" (deodorant).

What a ride! I thought I knew everything I needed to about brain trauma from the documentaries we watch, but they never explain the "awakening stages."

Earlier Jared recognized me but was still pretty groggy. Then this evening he was staring at me and all of a sudden he had a different look and he began mumbling words. You could say he literally "woke up, fighting". Jared began jerking his arm around, what I thought was a seizure, so I looked for the doctor who came in just as Jared started shouting. I realized quickly what he said and knew that he was punching me, he was remembering the sparring match.

I'm still not sure how I feel about all of that, everyone here thinks it was funny. I will let you know my opinion in a few days.

He couldn't remember who I was at this point. His brain, is just trying to "re-boot" and everything is really confusing. Later tonight he called my name, relief (again).

I think I'm ready to get of this emotional roller coaster!

I went back to get some sleep, I don't know how I even made it back. I had plans to do laundry, shower, clean our room, etc... I sat on the bed and I was out. I slept a whole two hours, showered and fell back to sleep for another hour. Holy Hannah it all caught up with me. Then I had to have another meltdown so I could rise to the challenge of the new night.

I'm sitting here in the quiet, I can't believe how loud all of the machines were, I'm glad (and grateful) they are gone. Jared is resting comfortably and he is even "sawing logs." Maybe it will be a quiet night. I just want my baby to be able to get some needed rest without being overly drugged.

Watching Jared go through so many emotions today was pretty hard.

Our bishop and his counselors came down to visit, it was very nice of them to come and give their support, we truly found a good ward to be in. Their wives all sent gifts, which I appreciate. I love the blanket that was sent, it's warmer than the one the hospital gave me to use, and feels more like a piece of home.

Here's my shout out to Jennae, Jill and Jennifer (and hubbies), thanks for the gifts and kind words of comfort. I love you!

I appreciate all of the comments that have been sent via text, blog, Facebook, etc... These have sustained me through a rough time.

Sunday, before Lee left for St. George, he gave me a blessing. In that blessing, he prayed that I would have the strength to withstand the challenges of this week. I know that I made it through last night strong, because of that blessing.

- Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. (Joshua 1:9) This is the scripture that has been on my mind all day and has given me comfort.

Now, for a funny! For those who know me well, you know that I tend to run into walls, a LoT! So, tonight I was going out to the car and I was walking between my car and the one parked next to me, when all of a sudden I felt massive pain in my knee. I had just hyperextended it and was kind of jerked back. I could't figure out what happened until I looked down and noticed the car next to me had his wheels turned outward, instead of straight. I ran right into the tire, so hard that I now have the tread marks on my khaki colored pants. Aaaarrrggghhh, only I could do something like that!!! LoL:). Going to rest while Jared is sleeping, good night to all.

Latest Update - From Lee

Jared has been very active since being taken off the ventilator.  The only coherent thing he said was when he started punching the air and said that he was going to kick so and so's butt (the kid he had been sparring with).  So apparently, he has a memory of the last few minutes before his accident.

Jared is very, very confused.  When he looks at you, you can tell there is a disconnect.  He can follow simple commands, but the meds he has been taking and the brain injury make it impossible for him right now to be clear about anything.  The nurses and doctors tell us that this is normal.  Michelle and I are very worried about Jared's left leg.  He seems to have little functionality with it at all.  He did pull both of his legs up yesterday, but nothing since.  He has kicked several times (hard kicks) with his right leg.  Nothing with the left.  His arms appear to be okay.  Hopefully, this will be a rehab item that can be corrected.  The most important thing is him having his mental capacities.  We are optimistic that he will be okay.

Michelle finally went back to the RMcD House around 12:00 noon.  I think she is running on adrenaline as she has had little sleep in the past 24 hours.  She was up with Jared all night when he was throwing up.

Superwoman just called me at 4:30 pm.  She is taking a bath and then coming back to the hospital.  As I said yesterday, she is one tough gal. 

The Andrus family has been wonderful to us throughout this whole ordeal.  They allowed me all the time I needed last week and have allowed me whatever I need this week.  I brought my laptop and cell phone with me and am trying to work as best I can, but it's not the same as being back at the office.  We're grateful to Jim, Mary and Jimmy Andrus.  They are great people that would literally give you the shirts off their backs if you were in trouble.  We'll be forever grateful for their kindness and concern for Jared and us.

Thanks again for the prayers.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Giant Leap

Ventilator is out, breathing on his own. Jared tried to say something. Now he's off to sleep again.

February 9th - Morning Update

Good morning to all, I got to play nurse last night. I always wanted to grow up and be a nurse, after last night, I'm glad I didn't follow that path.

It was a rough night for everyone, except for Lee who was able to sleep peacefully! Lucky!

Jared was waking up a lot and thrashing around, throwing up, and trying to pull every tube out. He especially was trying to extubate himself (pull his ventilator out). They finally had to sedate him, but then he decided he wasn't going to breathe for them. The nurses were trying to talk to him and tell him to breathe, he wasn't responding very well, until momma came to the rescue. now he decides to listen.

There were 2 or 3 more traumas brought in last night, our nurse was busy, so she gave me assignments to help her out. My duties included: bathing, changing, cleaning up throw up, suctioning out his mouth, occupational therapy, putting boots back on his feet, untangling cords, prep for ng tube, prep for ct scan, calming and reassuring Jared. Nurses are amazing!

In the wee early hours, Jared looked at me and mouthed "mom" and later this morning he mouthed "I love you.". I have to say, there is no greater calling than that of mother.

We are waiting for the doctor to finish rounds and then they plan to extubate Jared. Another good day.

Jared is not able to move his left leg on command, but he does move it a little when he gets agitated. Just waiting for the brain to make the connection.

I will go back and sleep later today, saying a prayer that Lee can hold down the fort. My prayers are also with family and friends that aren't feeling well.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Evening update by Lee

Jared is becoming more aware. One of the doctors removed the icp sensor that was sticking out of his head. It looked like a small spark plug. It only took one suture to close the hole where the sensor was. We're glad it's gone as it didn't look good. The removal of the sensor means that they are no longer concerned about his brain pressures. One Small step for the doctor a giant leap for Jared. Maybe we'll nickname Jared, Neal Armstrong!

The nurses just asked Michelle and I to start splitting shifts. They want someone here 24/7. Having someone familiar will help soothe him each time he wakes up. Of course Michelle is going to take the night shift. I'll admit it, she is tougher than me. A hundred years ago, she'd have been one of those women who would have had a baby and then went to work in the fields the next day. I would have died giving childbirth or cried about what I'd went through for six months. My loving wife is one tough lady.

We see great progress with Jared but it is brutally slow. We're thankful to each of you for your love and support, but most grateful to our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ for answering our prayers. With much love, Lee and Michelle

February 8th - Evening Update

Things are quiet now, Jared had an eventful day. He has been put under sedation again so that he can rest some more. All good things today.

Thank you again for your prayers and faith. I know Jared would not be where he is at his point without them.

The Apostle James taught that we should “pray one for another, that ye may be healed,” adding, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16). Similarly, the Book of Mormon teaches that the Lord “worketh by power, according to the faith of the children of men” (Moroni 10:7). (Dallin H. Oaks, General Conference, April 2010)

A Mother's Journey

*I wrote this last Tuesday while I was staying the night at the hospital. I have had a hard time posting this until now. Our journey has just begun.

January 31st

3:00 pm

I spent the day cleaning out our small one bedroom apartment that we have been renting for about four months, so that we could finish moving into a two bedroom condo a couple of buildings down. We were all excited to get settled and have our own room, especially Jared - he was officially tired of listening to dad snore.

Jared came home and asked if he could get the key to the new condo so he could go home grab a snack and head to a friends house just a block down the road.

As he walked away I was thinking how much I loved him. I wished I had a camera because as he walked away I noticed that it would have been a perfect picture. I love photos of people walking away from a camera. Jared was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, and the contrast between the color of white and all of the green grass, shrubs and trees were just perfect.

I returned home and began cleaning and organizing our new home. I decided that I would start on Jared's room, so that we could get done and chill out to watch a movie together. Lee was on his way to California for a business meeting.

5:40 pm

As I was finishing up I realized the time, so I texted Jared to let him know it was time to come home. His response - "I'm learning how to box can a stay a little longer?". I told him to be home in ten minutes.

A few minutes later I heard a siren down the road and as always I think to myself, I hope it's not my child.

6:08 pm

I received a call from Lee, calling to let me know that he just received a phone call that Jared was being taken to the hospital, because he was boxing and has probably sustained a concussion. I quickly left for the hospital which is only five minutes away from our home. I was expecting to enter into a room with Jared sitting up and a doctor flashing a pen in his eyes, telling me he was just fine. I had no idea that our lives were about to change.

I showed up at the E.R. Gave my name and Jared's name, their response was "oh your the trauma coming in". I'm not concerned, I never panic until I have to. Now the whirlwind begins, I'm quickly rushed to a family quiet room, where a nurse enters to get the typical information. In comes another nurse and she tells me they have to move me to a trauma room. Still, no big deal.

As the nurse shows me the room I am to wait in, she tells me a social worker will be right in. Great a social worker that wants to take my child away for boxing.

I don't like boxing and Jared has been begging me to let him take lessons, which I of course am not going to allow, because people get hurt, and why would you want to be hit?

As the social worker rushes in, she introduces herself and tells me she was called in to act as a liaison between me and the doctors. She begins to tell me that Jared was just brought in not breathing on his own and in a partial coma. Now I panic. I have to call Lee, NOW!

A policeman comes in and explains what happened to Jared.

I can't reach Lee. The social worker starts asking me questions about our home, do I have pets, are there other children at home right now, and "can you leave right now?". Leave where? I still don't have any answers to what is going on. She then explains that they are preparing Jared for life flight, and that my husband needs to get here now. I explain that he is driving to California and I can' t reach him, so she tells me to get some family or friends over to the hospital. I don't have anyone here. Who do I call?

The doctor rushes in and tells me "It doesn't look good. We are rushing Jared to a hospital with a neurologist and surgeon. That would either be the University of Utah or UMC in Las Vegas. Vegas is closer, so we are sending him to Vegas you need to get a ride now, he probably won't survive the trip" and he leaves as quickly as he came in.

I still don't know what is going on, so the social worker explains that it doesn't look good for Jared. Still, no answers. My heart is racing and I can't think clearly. What do I do. I am rushed back to the family quiet room and told I need to contact someone. I finally get through to Lee and let him know that he needs to turn around and head back to Vegas and wait for Jared. I'm grateful that he was so close, at least one of us would be there when he landed. The doctor again rushes in and tells me that Jared has major bleeding in his brain. as he runs away I am stunned. We love to watch medical documentaries, I know exactly what is going on and what they will be doing to Jared. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing.

Jared needs a blessing but, who do I call? I pick up the phone book and try to think who to call, the bishop, our home teachers, but I don't know any numbers because most of them have only cell phones. The name of my relief society president, Dezlee Hancock, pops into my head. I quickly call her to see if her husband was available to give a blessing, he is the young mens president and knows Jared well. He was not available but she was going to call around for me and find someone home.

The social worker now enters and tells me I need to go see Jared right now. Then the helicopter pilot enters asking for more signatures, as she reassures me she will do her best to get him to Vegas quickly. As I'm signing the papers I begin to shake and tell them I can't see him. I' m afraid to go in the room, but how do I not go in. The social worker then tells me in a gentle way you have to go in, you really need to go say goodbye. I know what she is trying to tell me. How does a parent deal with the death of a child?

I'm guided back to the room where I try to remain calm. I stand beside my son, not recognizing him because his face was so swollen. I was okay for a minute or so until they started putting tape on his head to strap him down more securely. The room begins to close in on me and all I can hear is the social worker telling me what to do, walk, turn, sit. I don't feel good, I am quickly rushed to a chair where I drop my head into my hands and begin to sob.

All I can think is, I'm all alone here. Then I felt arms wrap around me, comforting me. I don't know who it is for a moment, I look up and see the face of my loving relief society president, Dezlee. She came to my rescue in my hour of need.


They begin to wheel Jared away and tell me to kiss him goodbye. I didn't want to let go.

I'm then guided back to the family quiet room, I can't see straight or walk without help, as I begin pleading to Heavenly Father, please don't take my baby. I'm told to find a ride to Vegas you are not allowed to drive, what do I do, I can't breathe.

I need to call the family but, what do I say. All I can think about now is how much I need my baby girl Kayla here with me, so I called her and dumped everything in her lap and asked her to call my other boys, Jason and Brandon. I can't make that call again.

Sister Hancock begins guiding me to her car and we begin our 2 hour journey to Vegas.

Somewhere outside of Mesquite, I begin to have a peaceful feeling, I begin to feel the prayers of many.

I begin to pray again to watch over Jared, but if he should not survive, please help me to have the strength to continue forward.

I'm so grateful Lee was waiting in Vegas. There was a team ready for Jared, he was quickly taken to surgery where the doctors begin their magic. I was also praying that the doctors would know what to do and have the spirit to be with them and guide them.

I stay calm and try not to think about anything but my blessings. Which are many.

8:07 p.m. Nevada time

Just as we pull into the hospital Lee came out and told me a doctor spoke with him, telling him Jared was going to have a lot of brain damage, but he would survive.

Sister Hancock and Lees boss Jimmy Andrus stayed with us until Jared was out of surgery and we could see him.

9:06 p.m.

Finally, the surgeon came out and told us that Jared was a very sick, sick, sick young man. They had to remove part of his skull cap to relieve the pressure from his brain that was swelling up and pushing on his spinal cord. Then they had to remove a blood clot that they think came from a stroke. Lee asked the doctor how bad, all he would say is "very sick". His chances of survival are slim and we won't know anything for at least 72 hours.

Family is on the way. I pray for everyone to drive safe. The calls and texts begin to roll in. How blessed we are to have so many that love us. Everyone has been placed in our life for a reason.

10:45 pm

We are finally allowed in to see Jared. We knew what to expect, so we were not shocked at all to see tubes everywhere, machines galore and a ventilator breathing for him. The PICU physician came in and explained that when she cut back on his meds that were keeping him in a medically induced coma, he tried to fight with his arms and legs, and started coughing, which are all good signs, so they quickly put back under heavy sedation.

Lee and Jimmy can finally give Jared a priesthood blessing. The only place they can anoint is on the bridge of Jared's nose. My baby is here. Now, the waiting begins.

Latest and greatest

Jared just heard Lee's voice and he tracked him with his eyes. A couple of minutes later he focused in on me and started crying. Waiting for them to clean him up, he started to panic and was throwing up. All good things.

February 8th - Update

We stayed until midnight last night to help the nurse with Jared. It' s pretty emotional to watch your baby hurting and afraid. But, we finally got him calmed and back to sleep.

Lee had to leave when they began to suction out his throat, it was pretty hard for him to watch. I had to deal with that earlier in the day, because the nurse needed help immediately and I was the only one around. So I had to be brave and dive in to help!

Busy, busy morning. Jared is awake and very calm. He couldn't squeeze his right hand last night, but just as I was leaving I touched his hand and he started to squeeze a liitle with is thumb. He still isn't looking around. We had to leave while they run a special test to see if he is getting enough food, calories etc...

They are going to be removing "the bolt" from his head in a little while. A surgeon will come in and unscrew it and put a stitch in the top of his head. The bolt is a large wire that is screwed into the top of his head to monitor his cranial pressure, it's like a relief valve for those that are mechanical enough to understand the lingo.

Jared's blood pressure is still low so he is still on the meds to maintain it, but the others are being turned off. He is also beginning to be weaned off of the ventilator, meaning for 20 breaths he is taking 10 on his own.

A rehabilitation therapist met with us and said she saw Jared last Thursday and was surprised at how well he is doing today, actually she said 'very surprised'.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7th - Movement

Jared opened his eyes again and tried to focus on me when he heard my voice. Lee was on the other side holding his left hand, Lee told Jared to squeeze his hand and he did with great strength. Back to sleep.

Jared is becoming more aware, because he began to cry, and looked frightened. I don't want to leave tonight.

February 7th - Afternoon Update

As the nurses were trying to clean Jared up and give him a mini "spa day" he became agitated, so they had to sedate him. He's been under for the last few hours. I was able to fall asleep and have a good nap for about an hour!

3:45 pm

The nurse was putting some boots back on Jared (they help keep the feet straight so when your legs atrophy they won't turn inwards), he started to wake up again and started moving his hands trying to reach up towards his face, as I grabbed his hands so he couldn't pull anything out, his eyes were wide open. The nurse was telling him it was okay, he just stared ahead, I began to talk to him and he tried to focus in and was turning his head towards my voice, he knows who I am, what a blessing.

He's sleeping again. If you have ever had surgery, remember how it was trying to wake up.

Many have been calling today, if I don't answer it's because I'm busy being a mother! I was able to help the nurse clean him up, it feels good to be able to do something.

What an exciting day! I just want to sing, sing, sing. However, that may embarrass Jared too much, he won't want to open his eyes again, so i'll just sing in my head.

Can't wait for Lee to be back in a couple of hours.

Glorious Morning!


After a terrible night sleep and major anxiety and breakdowns this morning I finally made it to the hospital. I had to wait for a shuttle to get me back to the hospital, which seemed to take forever, I like to be here around 7 but didn't make it back until 10, ugh.

When I walked in the nurse said "We've had an eventful morning! He opened his eyes, and not just a little, big and wide. He was moving his feet and legs. He couldn't follow any commands or track with his eyes yet. He is sleeping again, it was a little much for him, so his blood pressure dropped, but it's all back to normal. His ICP this morning is a beautiful 4!

I am so excited, I want to shout from the rooftop!!!

Little steps, make big differences!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th - Evening Update

Jared is doing pretty well today. He is completely off of Pentobarb. It will take a few days for him to be weaned off of any meds. They will slowly taper him down to methadone, then to Valium, until they can turn it all off. His numbers still look great.

Jared looks good, looks healthy. He looks like he's sleeping peacefully. It will be about a week before we see any signs of him waking up, it will be a slow process.

Thanks for your continued support.

Pull tab tops Drive

I would like to ask everyone to collect as many pop tabs as you can until the end of the month. These tabs help with finances for the Ronald McDonald House, (this is not for us, it is just my way of paying it forward). If you would collect them and drop them off to someone in my family in Tooele or drop them by our house in St. George it would be appreciated. This program helps many in need and it is a great way to give back.

If you are looking to do a service project, you can cook and serve food at the house, collect food, or donate time. Check your area for local Ronald McDonald Houses.

I would like to remind everyone something thumper's mother said from the movie Bambi, "If you have nothing nice to say; don't say anything at all". Please remember to be kind to others and not judge. You never know when it will happen to you.

We are about 3 hours into his meds being turned off and his body is responding well, they were also able to turn off his blood pressure meds. Jared is maintaining it all on his own! He is still on a ventilator, but small steps make big differences. His ICP is staying at a 5!

So my prediction for the game - Steelers by 5! It's our new lucky number.

Theses numbers wouldn't be great right now if it wasn't for everyone's prayers and fasting today. Thank you again for your faith and prayers.

Prayers are being offered from members of other faiths, we thank you also. Heavenly Father listens and hears all of our prayers.

February 6th - Morning Update

Good morning to all,

I want to add my thanks to everyone fasting this day.

Dr. Connie is pleased with Jared's numbers, so she is turning off the Pentobarb, the drug that keeps you in a coma. Jared is still running a slight fever and is shivering, so they are continuing to warm him up and they are going to start him on some antibiotics to curb any infections. They are not too concerned.

His ICP is still low....blessing!

Hopefully you began your fast early so that you can enjoy great food watching the super bowl. Lee and I didn't start our fast until 10:00 pm last night. Aaarrrggghh! The nurses are all talking about the party and food they will be eating today! Nice! I'm a Steelers fan, but if you aren't, you may want to cheer for them, not because I'm a fan but it's Jareds team. We even asked if we could turn the game on low for Jared to hear!!! Yes we can, unless it's going bad and his numbers go up from frustration that his team is going to lose.

GO StEeLErs!!

Priesthood Blessings, Prayer and Fasting (posted by Lee)

All,  Michelle has been the one doing the daily updates.  It's Sunday morning and I wanted to share something that is near and dear to our hearts.  We believe in the mission and Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.  We believe in the power of healing (if it be God's will) and believe in the power of fasting and prayer.  We've  been directed to fast and pray by the Savior as well as his Apostles.  When I had the opportunity to see Jared for the first time after the accident, it was in an ICU room.  How grateful I am that I had a worthy Elder of the church with me.  Jimmy Andrus Annointed my son's head with consecrated oil (I always carry consecrated oil with me).  I then had the opportunity to "seal" the annointing and pronounce a blessing.  Members of my faith, literally have the same Priesthood Power that the Savior bestowed upon his Apostles when he was on the earth.  This same Power and Authority has been restored in these latter days, in preparation for his Second Coming.  The Priesthood Power has come through an unbroken chain from Ancient Prophets and Apostles to the Prophet Joseph Smith (by the laying on of hands) down to LDS Elders (including myself) in our present day.  How grateful I am for this Priesthood Power and Authority.  I believe that my son will be restored to full health and strength through the blessing he received (laying on of hands) as well as due to the prayer and fasting of hundreds of friends of all faiths and the wonderful medical care he is receiving.  We have hundreds of people in both St. George, Tooele, The Netherlands and South Africa praying and fasting for our son Jared today.  I am most grateful for our friends who have an abiding faith in Christ.

I also wanted to share some thoughts from my darkest moments (when I believed Jared might die).  In between sobs, I was and am most grateful for the knowledge that my son is part of an Eternal Family, bound together through the sealing ordinances of the Temple of God.  The prophet Malachi testified that Elijah would come to the earth again, preparatory to the Second Coming and restore the sealing ordinances of the higher priesthood.  This great occurence was waited for, expected and celebrated as part of the ancient Passover rites of the Hebrews (House of Israel).

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (Mal. 4:5–6.)

Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children is in reference to families being sealed together, forever, through the Priesthood in God's Holy Temples.  The prophet Elijah held the Priesthood Keys of the sealing ordinances as well as other Priesthood Keys that were restored in our modern days.

I am most grateful to have an eternal family.  I love my Savior and place my faith in him completely.  I know without any doubt that there is another side (from personal experiences too sacred to share in this blog).  I know that I will have my son, spouse and other children with me through the eternities, as long as we remain faithful.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and fasting.  We know that faith and acting upon faith (prayer and fasting) is preparatory for miracles and shows the Lord our willingness to sacrifce, just a little bit. 

First comes the trial of our faith and then comes the miracle!

With much Love and gratitude, 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 5th - Evening Update

Extremely excited tonight with Jared's numbers. They began taking him off the heavy sedative and combined it with a milder one this morning. Jared loves the new meds.

Tonight, he is maintaining his ICP between 5-7! I was just sitting here and I noticed that his EEG was showing a lot of peaks, which means, he has more brain activity going on. So, to have a lot of brain activity and low ICP numbers is a good sign. He is running a slight fever, but it's not because of any infections.

So, I've been riding the emotional roller coaster the last two days.

We made a call to some friends that went through a similar situation with their son a few years ago. They just happened to be in St. George, so they came down to talk with us. It was nice to spend time talking with someone that knows what we are going through. They brought their son, Ryan with them. It was wonderful to see him and talk with him.

I'm so grateful for their friendship, they really helped in a moment of need. Here's my shout out to the Thompson Family, Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thanks for dinner. You were a lifesaver tonight. To you Ryan, you are awesome and I love your blue eyes (you'll have to ask Ryan what this means)!!! By the way, Ryan has made a full recovery!

February 5th - Morning Update

Last night our new nurse was very positive, she told us that she has been doing this for eleven years and hasn't seen numbers this good in her career. She said she was surprised that they even tried to take him off of the meds so early. Last night, Jared was able to maintain his own body temperature and blood pressure.

We were sitting here last night and Jared began to cough pretty hard and we watched him pull his legs towards his body and clench his fists. This means that the brain processed that the body needed to cough and reacted appropriately. What a joy to see movement.

This morning when we came in he had a little trouble maintaining his temp so they had to paralyze him with meds to stop his shivering. Dr. Connie just told us that they will begin weaning him off of the heavy meds and try giving him a milder sedative to see how his brain will respond. His ICP number this morning was at a 7 which is awesome.

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. - James 1:12

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th - Afternoon Update

CT scan came back, nothing new - not good or bad! This will just take time. They are not going to take him off of any meds today because his pressures went up a little this morning Again, not bad or good. Jared is now able to maintain his own body temperature - that's my positive for the day.

We have been asked by a few if they could send cards, yes you may. I know the greetings will be beneficial to Jared as we read them to him.

1800 W Charleston Blvd
Trauma Center Pediatric ICU Room 283
Las Vegas NV 89102

Here's a shout out to all of Jared's friends, thank you for your support! I know you would like to come and see Jared and I know he would love to see you. We will let you know when it's okay to come and visit, but it will probably be a few weeks or more. YoU'rE AweSOmE!

February 4th - Morning Update

Uneventful night - quiet. Numbers a little higher this morning. I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed. It feels like we have been here for weeks. Reality is it's only been 84 hours.

We are trying to focus on the positives only, but it's hard to just sit, we can't even touch Jared, if we do his ICP number jumps too high. He is very sick! I need to be grateful that we haven't had any complications arise.

We haven't heard any news yet, very frustrated. They just took Jared down to get another CT scan. Won't know anything for awhile.

We settled into the Ronald McDonald home yesterday, how nice it is to have friends here already that can give us comfort.

- On the positive side Jared looks good from the swelling point of view, we can see his beautiful face and his long, long eyelashes again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3rd - Afternoon Update

Around 1:00 pm today Dr. Connie decided to try and warm Jared up (he feels like a Popsicle) and if his body/brain can tolerate it, they will take him off of the Pentobarb - the barbituate that keeps him in a coma. If his ICP number goes above 20 they will have to put him in a coma again and wait another 24-48 hours and try again. Jared will not wake immediately, it typically takes 3-7 days for the body to metabolize the Pentobarb.

4:00 pm

Jared likes the Pentobarb, they had to put him back in the deeper coma, but it's okay. His ICP number went to twenty three. Baby steps, try again tomorrow.

Visualize your plan and then plow steadily towards it, success will follow.

For the Strength of Youth

Service to others is one of the most important characteristics of a disciple of Jesus Christ. A disciple is willing to bear other people’s burdens and to comfort those who need comfort. Often Heavenly Father will meet the needs of others through you.

Seek daily the guidance of the Holy Ghost to know whom to serve and how to help meet their needs. Often the most important service is expressed through simple, everyday acts. - For the Strength of Youth

One of those acts of kindness is in the form of prayer and fasting. We have received many stories of our faithful youth who have taken it upon themselves to fast individually on Jared's behalf, including some that do not know him directly. One young lady told her family she had fasted the day before, because the Holy Ghost told her she needed to. Our close friends son, Cody, also fasted and I'm sure there are others. We thank you for your faith and testimony.

How grateful we are for the faith of these young teens who know when and how to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Miracles really happen and prayers are really heard because we have a Father in Heaven who loves us.

Day 3 - Morning update

Jared looks better today, the swelling in his face has gone down a lot, we can almost recognize him. We are very blessed!

The nurse was just surprised that she could check his eyes without having to use giant q-tips to help open them, because of the swelling they were extremely tight. Yesterday they couldn't even open his right eye.

No infections!! Antibiotics are not used until necessary. We are still waiting for the ICP (intra cranial pressure) to lessen but his numbers look great.

There are three numbers that we are always watching - heart rate, blood pressure and icp.

HR - for a healthy sleeping teen is around 65 Jared - 73
BP - for a healthy sleeping teen is around 90/50 Jared - 122/72 which is good! They want it to be a little higher to help profuse the brain (more blood going to the brain)
ICP - they do not want this number to be over 20 Jared - 11

One of the doctors that works with the brain surgeon just came in and said that he should be able to remove the monitors from Jared's brain within the next 24-48 hours. He and Dr. Smith (brain surgeon) will be back this afternoon to give us more information. We have not seen Dr. Smith since he finished the surgery Monday evening, and we have only seen the other doctor once on Tuesday.

We are waiting for the PICU physician to come will send an update this afternoon.

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers.

We are so grateful for everyone in the medical field for the jobs they do, so I'm declaring today as hug-a-nurse day, so if you know someone in the medical field how about passing on a hug or a giant thank you!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ronald McDonald House

The nurses here told us we should check out the Ronald McDonald house for a place to stay while we are here in Vegas. We drove over to check it out and what a wonderful program.

The Ronald house provides temporary housing for families who travel to receive medical treatment. A donation of $10 a night is requested, but no one is turned away if they can't pay. At the Ronald house you can stay for as long as you want, they have free food, and they even have different groups that come in the evenings to cook dinner for you. So we can come "home" to a home cooked dinner. They have common areas and then you have your own private bedroom with your own bathroom. What a blessing this will be for me, because I know I will be living here for a while.

I encourage everyone to help support this great program by giving your change at any McDonalds or by pulling pop tabs and dropping them off or mailing them to any Ronald McDonald House.
What a great service to help others in need.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it!

Our journey begins:

Lee and I have decided to start this blog for Jared so we can keep everyone posted on his condition. We are grateful for all of your prayers and kind words, but we are at the point of being overwhelmed trying to keep everyone posted through calls, texts, email, and Facebook. We are concerned that we are forgetting to make some calls. We truly appreciate all of your calls though.

Throughout this blog I will share my story, Jared's progress and some information on how our religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is helping us cope with this tragedy.

If you know Jared, you know that he is awesome, kind, generous, funny, loving, caring, and gives the best hugs in this world! He is our baby boy and a great blessing in our life.

On Monday January 31st Jared and his friends were hanging out, play boxing and just being typical boys. Jared was sparring and was given some advice from an eighteen year old that was showing the boys how to box and make sure things stayed playful. His advice to the boys "never let your guard down" - Jared let his guard down for just a moment, took a hit to the face that knocked him out, he stumbled in a circle and fell and hit his head on the cement.

Immediately someone called 911. I would like to find out who this was because their fast response to this situation was just the beginning of a lifesaving miracle. note: we are still not out of the woods but it's a miracle he is still here.

The second help line was the quick response of the police Officer Childs and his assessment in getting an ambulance.

The third of course is the EMT crew that treated Jared and got him to the emergency room quickly.

The fourth is the quick assessment from the St. George hospital trauma team, they quickly stabilized him and prepared him for life flight to UMC Childrens Trauma Center in Las Vegas.

The fifth was the wonderful surgeon and his team in Vegas that quickly took Jared into surgery to release the swelling and the bleeding.

Now it's the nurses that are helping Jared continuously to help with his treatment. We are eternally grateful for all of these unsung heroes.

We want everyone to know and understand that this was a freak accident and no malice was involved. Our heart and prayers go out to the young men and ladies that were hanging out that day just being teenagers. We are especially concerned for the young man Jared was sparring with, please keep him in your prayers also. We do not want his name mentioned and we hope that those of you that read this will remember this was just an accident, no blame is to be applied to anyone! We wish everyone to have love and support in their hearts.

Update as of 12:48 Wednesday February 2nd:

The doctor just came in and told us that his prognosis for survival looks really good. We still have twenty four hours but all was quiet last night. She explained that if he has another night like last night with his vitals where they were last night they will begin to ease him off of the sedation medicine in twenty four hours to see if he can keep his vitals down on his own. THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS AND FASTING! We know this is why Jared is still with us and that our loving Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

We won't know for a week or so what kind of damages Jared will have, but we know that through our faith we can conquer anything.

"Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation"