Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th

Last night a nurse told me Jared was doing an amazing job. She was reading the notes in his file, and told me that his brain injury was considered "serious" and that she has never seen anyone progress this much so quickly. In fact she was surprised at how much he has changed since Tuesday.

Jared is AmazInG! (for effect,sing the word AMaZZiiinngg as you read it)

Jared did so well at therapy that he is allowed to have special visitors today and he can leave the hospital for a short outing on Sunday morning, as long as we are back by 10:30, to go to church he reminded me.

He is really beginning to understand how lucky he is and that his progress is because of all the prayers and fasting. He wants to stop by the other religions to tell them thank you personally. What a blessing this "character building experience" has become. This is part of his rescue.

{Wishing All a Happy Saturday}


  1. I look at Jared's helmet and think of a big squashy marshmallow. May he would be more inclined to wear it if he decorated it to fit his personality. Get a pack of multicolored sharpie pens from wal mart and let him go at it. or let his friends sign or decorate a section every time they come.

    So glad, tho, that he is doing so well. Glad the CT is good. We knew about the left side/right side stuff--sometime we'll tell you about Cynthia's CT's and MRI's. Big black hole on the left side of her brain!
    Love to you all. Marcia

  2. So glad we came to visit. Jared is so handsome and funny.
    See you when we can!

  3. Lee, Michelle & Jared - our prayers continue in your behalf. Thank you for thinking to include us in this miracle because it has increased our faith and strengthened our testimonies of the many ways the atonement heals us.