Monday, February 21, 2011


The most wasted of all days is one without LaUghTeR!

- Early one morning Jared was begging the nurse to let him walk home from Vegas, he offered her a million dollars. When she accepted, his response was, "Well, I don't actually have the money but I will get a job and pay you back."

- The next night he offered her his iPod, she told him she still wanted the million.

- One day he was so agitated the nurse decided to give him his meds early, as she was walking down the hall, he YELLS, "Hey how long does it take you to walk your butt down the hall?" (I'm mortified)

- When he was being fitted for his helmet he was yelling, "You're killing me, it's hot, I'm going to die in here.". He had to have a plastic bag and stocking over his head so they could mold a helmet.

- While agitated early one morning he started yelling at the monitors to shut up. When they finally stopped beeping, he yelled again, "That's right, that's what I'm talking about."

- One night he was yelling for me, when I would look at him and tell him I was there he would yell "You're not my mom, mom.". Who am I then, "Mom." When the nurse told him that I was his mom, he said "No she's too old to be my mom.". I have aged a little and turned more gray.

- When he rolled over he got his right arm stuck underneath him, as I was trying to lift his dead weight up and pull his arm out he started screaming, "Help me, my mom's freaking out on me, help!"

- During physical therapy, he was sitting in a chair and he let me know he had to go to the bathroom. I told him we had to wait a minute to get him back in bed, Jared noticed his dad coming down the long hall and he started screaming, "Dad help me, mom won't let me go to the bathroom, help, she's mean."

Most of these situations happened on the same day in Vegas. Now you know why I ran away for a few hours.

Later that evening when I returned, Lee had given Jared a father's blessing. Jared was much calmer and was asking for a hug when I came in.

Even last night after all of his teasing me, he asked me to tuck him in bed and reminded me we needed to do family prayer. What a blessing it has been to continue family prayer kneeling beside his bed, as one.

Today Jared had some more visitors, Grandma Lin, Grandpa Wil, Aunt Lis and Uncle Bryson. His best friend since second grade, Hayden and his family stopped by and brought him a video game and a six pack of Jones Soda. I think Jared is getting spoiled. He is grateful for so many awesome friends and family!


  1. As hard as it must be for you to be so far from Lee, it sounds like a definite blessing to be so close to family and old friends. We were at the U on Sunday night (ER). I wish we had had the energy to come by to say hello. But after a 7 hr stint there, we were exhausted. Cynthia's migraine is now on day 26, but I think we are finally making progress. We see her neurologist on Thursday--he's been out of town since this started and so we were fortunate to get hooked up to the neurology service at the U. She was inpt all last week, but the HA came back the day after discharge. Sunday night's treatment seems to be turning things around.
    We're excited at Jared's progress and are glad that you both are able to sleep better now. Good sleep makes such a difference. Love to you all, Marcia Newell

  2. Whenever I'm feeling low I can read your blog & am instantly filled with the spirit. It has been an incredibly short journey compared to the initial prognosis...I'm sure it doesn't seem so to you, but to the rest of us who haven't lived every second of it, it seems all of this has transpired rather quickly! I am so thankful to know "the Garbett's" you have trult been a great influence in my life.
    Love, Lynnette Smith

  3. Thank you so much for the blogs. I like to keep updated. Hope to see you all soon.
    Love, Joel and Jill Dunn