Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th

Our mornings are really busy now. We have finally got a schedule put together for Jared, it seems to be helping.

Jared is still having a problem with impulsivity, saying things wihtout thinking and trying to climb in and out of bed without his helmet, he doesn't have a complete understanding of " why" he can't do things without the helmet.

Dr. Mike told us this morning that the neuro surgeon here has agreed to put Jared's bone piece back in, sometimes they won't mess with other surgeons work. This should happen in the next couple of weeks.

They want to run a CT Angiogram to make sure Jared doesn't have any broken blood vessels that would be causing his right arm to be so weak. If he does have some broken vessels, they will put him on an aspirin regimen because he would be at risk for strokes.

We love our night nurse, Grace. She has been a big help with creating schedules for Jared. She created different charts using skateboard themes. She has also spent some time helping me to better understand brain injuries and gave me "the book" to read.

Jared's visitors yesterday, besides the cute baby that he remembers very well, were Uncle Dee and cousin James, Roger Brady and Matt Pike, they brought a large get well card signed by the youth from the 14th ward. Thanks everybody! But, the most important person that showed up last night, DAD! We haven't seen Lee since last Wednesday. we met Lee in the lobby and Jared wanted to walk to him, they gave each other a giant bear hug! We are excited to have dad here for a few days.

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