Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23rd

Busy, busy, busy day!

This morning, Dr. Mike told us that Jared will be here about 2-3 weeks. He thinks that Jared's problem with his right arm is from a contusion on the left side of the brain, which shouldn't be permanent. Jared started using his right arm more last night to eat.

Jared had some pretty big meltdowns this morning during therapies. He refused to do anything for quite a time. We decided to set up rules...finish therapy, earn a reward. The reward Jared likes is having friends here. So he was motivated to finish therapy strong this afternoon so his friend, Hayden can spend some time here tomorrow night.

Jared had to have an audiology test. He has a partial hearing loss in his left ear. An ENT will be called in to do some more testing. The pre-diagnosis, is that the tiny bones behind the ear drum may be broken.

We had a special visitor, baby Keaton (5 weeks). His mommy Sammy and Sister Dunn came too. Thanks for coming to visit. Jared loved holding the baby.

We are headed down to get an EEG, to see how things look and see if we can take him off of the seizure medicine.

Better day than yesterday!


  1. It was SO nice to see you two today. I loved how cute Jared was with Keaton. You both looked great. Thank you for sharing some of your day with us. Can't wait to see you again this weekend. I miss you already.
    I Love you! Sam

  2. This is Bro. Wilson Jared's seminary teacher. The seminary students want to share some encouragement with Jared. Could you please let me know the specific address where we can send their well wishes? They pray for Jared at the start of each class and are very grateful for his continued recovery. (

  3. I haven't left a comment for a few days, but we continue to check you blog every day. We are always so happy to see the progress that Jared is making. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Please let us know if you need anything.
    Sarah XX