Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer excitement

Summer has definitely been a crazy and busy journey!

Jared is doing awesome!

He has been working on summer packets to catch up on missing credits. Some of the work has been easy and others have been a real challenge. We are taking it slow and doing what we can.

He has graduated from occupational therapy. He still has tremors in his right hand but he has great strength in it. He is still seeing a therapist for his memory, which continues to improve, and also for his higher level thinking.

Jared is not as impulsive as he was before.

His left foot tires easily and aches a lot. But, that will continue to improve with time.

Jared attended our Stake Youth Trek the first week of June, what a great experience for him to participate in. He only lasted two days, but they were the HARDEST days. The first day they hiked up a steep incline for eight miles and they climbed 3500 feet. The second day he hiked 5 miles. It was so steep that it took the group four hours to go one mile! Insane!
We are proud of Jared for doing his best!

Jared has started a job....he is a busboy at a Mexican restaurant near our home...Peppers Cantina. We LOVE Peppers, Jared walked in late one night to pick up our dinner, he told the owner he should hire him to clean up! Job was Jared's! He works Monday thru Wednesday 11-2.

Jared just completed his Neruo-psychological testing to see what his deficits are. We had our meeting with the Neuropsychologist on Monday to get the results. Once again, we can see the miracles that our Heavenly Father continues to give to us, our hearts are continually grateful to Him. Jared, pre-injury, had an IQ of 114 - Superior. Now he is ranging in the low 100's - Average. However, the doctor told him he will get ALL of that back. He also said that considering everything that happened Jared is a miracle, he shouldn't be where he is today on the testing scales. Have we heard this before? Yes, many, many times.

If Jared isn't busy with school work, work or therapies he is a Fish, constantly swimming!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and all is well with everyone!

Sending our love to all!

Jared has started a

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of you! This is a wonderful mothers day...Jared bought me a gift on his own, with his own money and the best part is he REMEMBERED what I asked for, I told him what I wanted over a week ago!!!!

I had my other kids down here for the weekend and it was fun to have my family around.

Jared has a new cast, this time, if he keeps it on until Tuesday, he only has to do occupational therapy one time next week. Then if he waits another week, they will take it off and he will be done with occupational therapy. He will still have some limited use and tremors for a while, but that is something that will take time to heal, we have plenty of time. We continue to count our blessings and thank Heavenly Father for all he does for us.

I received a text from Emily, Bella's mother, and she let me know that Bella has received most of her sight and she can eat on her own, what a great mother's day present for her. Bella was the two year old baby that was at PCH.

Happy Mothers Day, give your kids an extra hug tonight!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jared's Secret...

So Jared followed through with his secret....the one to help get his right hand working faster...A CAST! Yes he had the OT put a RED cast on his good arm. Well, following through was one thing, however, it didn't last long. The cast was put on Friday at 2:00 pm. Jared had me take hiM to his dad's work so he could show him, and tell him that he broke his wrist in therapy! I couldn't even go in the office with Jared because I am terrible at lying, or as Jared was trying to claim, it's not a lie it's a sin of omission.

I thought Jared was in bed at 10:30 Friday night, when I went in to check on him, he had a butter knife trying to cut off the cast. Yes, he only made it eight hours! I chased him to bed with a slight scolding, hello, a butter knife! So the next morning I went in to his room and what did I find....another butter knife, a flashlight, lots of little pieces of cast and a bloody towel. Jared nicked his stomach several times while cutting off the cast! Arrrgghhh! Lee finished the job for Jared, no more cast!

Always an adventure - sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, everyday a new journey!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly adventures

Last Wednesday I let Jared go on a hike up a waterfall. Yes you read that right! He went with his new scout group, only after mom lectured the leader about his injury. All went well.

While Jared was explaining about his injury to his new scout leader, Brother Barben stopped him and said "That was you, I was one of the fireman that responded to the 911 call, I can't wait to tell the other guys at the station how well you are doing, we have all been concerned." What a small world.

Moved on the weekend. Great physical therapy for Jared.

Jared got out of the car today on a busy road and just started crossing before looking, AHHHHH! I don't know who yelled at him more, me or Jason! Oh, and yes there were cars coming pretty close, we couldn't even get to him before the cars were right there.

He has run away from us twice this week. First time I was in tears searching Tooele for him. Second time Jason followed him in Saint George and eventually brought him back! TBI!

The boys were swimming in the back yard and Jared decided to run, ugh, yes he slipped and fell, more heart failures for Jason and I! Luckily he didn't hit his head, close, he almost fell into a cement bench! I'm starting to think he has an overworked angel guarding him! Thank you dear angel!

Monday was Jared's last day of physical therapy!

Jared is so excited to be done with physical therapy that he tried to convince his occupational therapist that he should be done. No cigar! Jared has decided he wants his hand to heal quicker and get back to normal, so he and his therapist have come up with a plan....let you know Friday! It's a secret until then, IF Jared follows through with his own plan.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update - April

I can't believe we've only been home a month. It seems like forever.

Changes in our lives...we are finally moved into our new house...at least for the next eighteen months. Lee's boss, Jim, and his wife Mary, left for their mission on Monday, and we are going to take care of their home while they are serving in the British West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago).

Living with Jared has become extremely interesting, there is never a dull moment around here, or at the store, or at the theaters, or at a restaurant...

Jared is different in so many ways. He smiles more, he laughs more and is always trying to make us laugh. We love these changes, but, sometimes he can be quite embarrassing. Last night we were all craving Chinese food, so we went out to dinner and the whole time Jared was pulling faces. Like I said before, he reminds me of a four year old in many ways. Going shopping is always interesting too, he likes to stop and play with toys, touch everything, and run his hand across the shelves as we walk by...no touchy, I have to remind him.

I think last time I posted I mentioned that we were sleeping in and doing nothing, well last week I decided it was time to get back to normal, whatever that may be for the moment. So we officially went to school four days! Jared goes to math everyday and then to Seminary and math every other day. He thought he could add one more class, so he tried to add foods on Friday, but I received a text from him to "come pick me up" after only going to two classes. I ran to the school expecting tears, but instead he jumped into the car and started to laugh hysterically telling me to hurry and drive. What? Are you okay? "Yes, just drive fast". As I pulled away he was still laughing and said "I just don't want to be here.". I guess laughter beats tears any day.

Jared is going to three sets of therapy twice a week. He should only need physical for another couple of weeks. He looks good physically, but he still has some short term memory challenges and his right hand still has tremors. He is having a hard time writing and grasping. We have spills everyday and sometimes more than one. Spills clean up, things can be repaired and replaced....Jared trying - absolutely priceless!

I was talking to Lee last night and I asked him if he thought Jared was getting better or getting worse, he told me no, he's just at a standstill for the moment, and then he reminded me, it's only been two and half months since the accident.

Take life one day at a time and appreciate what you have!


Hey Everybody it's j to the rad. I'm workin on becoming a stand up comedian do not laugh that was not a joke lol. Fun fact for you it's good for your body to laugh everyday it also helps build up your abs. Cool huh.

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th

Happy 15th Birthday to Jared and 17th for Jason!

I think this has to be THE best birthday! So grateful to have Jared here and doing so well! HE is an amazing teen!

Jared is making great progress everyday, yesterday he used his right hand to write some thank you cards! Nice job Jared!