Saturday, February 19, 2011

Visiting Hours

Jared can have his friends visit from 12-9 pm everyday. We chose these hours to help with being "mobbed" and to allow for time for our family to be here. Jared will also have therapy in the mornings. We are at Primary Childrens Hospital. If you need directions, want to call and talk to Jared or see if it is a good time to come in, give us a shout. 801-662-2017

Can't wait to here from friends!

My family and friends are welcome to come when you would like.

The doctor seems to think we should only be here for about a month or less. She expects a full and complete recovery.

The PT had Jared get up and with help walk across the room. He did an awesome job, considering two days ago he couldn't stand at all!

PCH does things different than UMC in Vegas. They don't think Jared needs to stay on the anti-seizure meds for four months. They are going to take him off this week. They also believe in putting the bone flap back into place, soon. The nice thing, they can do the surgery here, so we don't have to go back to Vegas in four months.

Funny for the day (this will be funny to those who have seen Young Frankenstein): Amy, Jared's speech therapist was trying to locate his bone flap. In the dictation notes from UMC it says his piece is located in Karl's bag California. Should be Carlsbad CA. LAUGHING MYSELF SILLY! I would hope that his bone was in Jared's bag!!! HA HA HA


  1. That is too funny. So glad you can laugh again! It sounds like you made the right move, for sure.

  2. Awesome news! We are grateful that he is doing so well! Keep up the great work Jared! We continue to pray for you! Hurry home!

    Chris and Chanda Atkinson

  3. Glad you guys made it to salt lake! I mailed Jared a package to Vegas so will they forward it to you or will I get it back lol

  4. So glad that you made it and that you are managing to have some laughs - your truly deserve to have some good, happy times after all that you have been through the last few weeks. If you need anything, if there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know. We know that you will probably be flooded with vistors and we do not want to add any stress to you, but we would be more than happy to help with anything.

  5. Justin and I are still laughing at Jared's "cross eyed moment" that Lee told us about. Too funny! Glad the move went well. It seems as though Primary Children's is PERFECT for you guys at this time!

  6. So what the deal with Jared's skull piece being in Carlsbad, CA? Seems like a far away place to be. But so glad you both made it to SLC OK and that the rehab is off to a roaring start. Prayers are still with you both.
    xoxo Marcia