Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th

It's been a rough one!

Jared refused to do anything this morning and became pretty frustrated with me not doing things for him. I decided to leave for a few hours. He called me within an hour, please come back. I didn't go right back, I took a break until noon.

The therapists and Dr. allowed Jared to have a break this morning and now they have put him on a one on one, meaning he can't be left alone at all, because he jumped out of bed without his helmet and tried to walk to St. George by himself. Scared everybody (Drs and Nurses and ME!) having him get out of bed so quickly and start walking.

Jared has an amazing attitude that keeps him laughing, but the impulsivity is a problem right now. He will not be allowed to leave this weekend because of that challenge. We were hoping he could leave for a couple of hours on Saturday and half the day on Sunday. Maybe next week.

Last night was awesome. Lee took me to Tucci's for dinner, I have not been a fan and haven't been back for nine years, BUT, they changed their menu about four years ago, AMAZING! Give it a try, it is across the street from Trolley Square.

The CT came back normal. The challenges with Jared's right hand is due to severe bruising deep inside the left part of the brain. Did you know that the left side of your brain controls your right half of your body and your right side controls the left half of your body. CRaZy!

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  1. Sorry for a rough day! Its got to be an emotional roller coaster! Jared- NO WALKING TO ST. GEORGE! At least ask for a ride! (with your helment ON!) :)