Monday, February 21, 2011

Message from JARED

The following post was typed by Jared as part of his speech therapy:

hey its jared
i will be in salt lake for about a .month
im in primary childrens hospital
come see me pleASE
i was boxing and got knocked out
i have a awesome scar on my head
im missing part of my skull
my skull is in carls bag aka carls bad
i have to where a helmet like a dork haha
18016622017 number to my room
call me


  1. Good job Jared! Keep up the good work and they'll spring you out of there in no time.

    Marcia Newell

  2. Hi Jared! You are truly a miracle and an answer to many prayers! Never forget how special you are. I think you should drop in at the 14th ward before you head back to St George, when your therapy is finished of course. We'd all love to see you!
    Lynnette Smith