Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life is good!

We had a couple of rough days, but today has been awesome!

Jared did awesome in his therapy and earned time with his friend tonight! Lee and I are going to sneak away from the hospital and go out to dinner! The food here has been pretty good, just need some time away. I think Jared will appreciate some free time with his friend. Yesterday morning I walked Kayla outside and I realized I have not been outside since Friday night.

We went to a going away party for a girl that we met here. We went downstairs to the gift shop and Jared picked a little something out for Ia. Jared loves Ia (pronounced ee-uh). He couldn't wait to give her the doll he bought, and when we went to the party he was super excited about blowing one of those annoying horns for her.

We first met Ia and her mother at sacrament meeting Sunday. She loved waving to Jared. During OT therapy Jared was asked to make a sand art picture, he told the OT that was lame and childish. I suggested that he make one as a going away gift for Ia, he loved the idea. When he gave the card to her, she gave him a big hug! Ia asked her mom if she could take Jared home with her. She is six years old. Jared thinks it's cool that they are from Norway, hanging out in Provo while mom goes to BYU. By the way do you know how long it takes to fly to Norway? Twenty eight hours. We wish them well.

Before the party, Kayla and I took Jared downstairs to eat in the cafeteria. Jared was able to choose for himself, but when we went to sit down he asked if we could go back to the room. He told me it was too noisy for him (I'm one for quiet, it was not noisy at all to me). The audiologist told me that with his hearing loss, big areas will be hard for him. This is interesting, I now understand why he won't listen to his iPod. All he wants to do is listen to the quiet piano music from the cd player or television.

Jared is HaPpY and LaUghIng today!

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