Friday, March 11, 2011

Surgery Success

Surgery was successful, all is well. No extra blood was needed and things looked really good. Dr. Riva-Cambrin said they will send Jared to a regular room instead of PICU. Jared will have another CAT scan tomorrow and if everything looks good, we can go home-to Tooele. Yes, we have to stay another couple of days in Tooele for safety precautions.

We will go home Tuesday or Wednesday. As much as I love Tooele and still call it home, HOME is where Lee is.


  1. WOOO HOOOOO!!! Congrats! I can't wait till you can come back to ST. G! Georgeous weather awaits you!

  2. So glad that everything went well!

  3. So glad the surgery went well. We appreciate every blessing. We finally got to the bank to donate a little to Jared's fund. We tried on Feb 21st but found it was President's Day, and the banks were closed. Success today.