Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miracles - March 22nd

After receiving phone calls and texts asking how we are, I decided I should probably update...

Jared is doing AmaZiNG! He got his fifty stitches out yesterday and then we went for a haircut. Now his hair matches all around. He's looking pretty slick!

Tomorrow we go to our first Speech Therapy. Wish us luck! We should find out when he can go back to school, IF his mom allows him too!! He actually asked me today if he could go tomorrow with the comment, "Mom, take advantage, because how often will I ask to go to school."

Things have been pretty quiet, although I have learned that going grocery shopping is too much for Jared and me...I feel like I'm shopping with a four year old. After a small tantrum in the store today, we came home and we both took a two hour nap.

I am amazed at how the pieces of this miracle puzzle continue to roll in...my friend Jessica stopped by on her way through town on Monday night. Talking with her, she reminded me how I mentioned before, that our move to St George was going to be a rescue for Jared. Perhaps, more than we will ever know!

I received a phone call today from the helicopter pilot checking on Jared. She mentioned that she was talking with one of the emergency room nurses and he said he fully expected Jared to hemorrhage out before they could land in Vegas. When he heard that Jared was walking and doing great he was surprised.

She then told me how St George has only had a fixed wing until January 18th, just thirteen days before Jared's accident. To help you understand what that means...TIME, time Jared did not have. If they were still using fixed wing Jared would have had to be transported by ambulance to the airport and then flown to the Vegas airport and then take another ambulance to the hospital. This is precious time that he didn't have. I am so grateful that they had a helicopter. The pilot told me that the other reason why she called was to see if we could be their WOW Story. The community of St George helped to fund the purchase of the helicopter, and they want to do a story about Jared. A while after I hung up from the pilot, I realized how important that piece of the puzzle was, to have a helicopter ready to leave immediately. Miracles continue...Miracles are all around! It's been a little bit of an emotional day recognizing everything that has happened. I know that our Heavenly Father had all of the pieces lined out and ready for Jared's rescue.


  1. Thanks Michelle. Post a pic of Jared and his new haircut. Love ya!

  2. Wow, a whole new regiment. Good luck to all of you. We still think of you often.