Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th

Today was awesome!

Jared had three straight hours of therapy is morning. At one point it became too much, so we had to take a break for a few minutes. I was able to help refocus Jared and he finished the session strong.

We were allowed to leave the hospital around eleven and didn't have to return until six o clock. YEAH! Spent the day in Tooele with family, then went to Salt Lake to a reception and then had dinner with Kayla and Justin. Great day! Can't wait until tomorrow. Hope to see many more.

If you would like to visit us in Tooele tomorrow, give us a call. We will be available from noon until two. We will also be back in Tooele Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Give us a shout and come visit. Please remember if your sick, just give us a call. We have to keep Jared healthy for his surgery. Thanks!

St. George, we will be home Saturday (fingers crossed)!

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  1. I was thinking about your recent posts about Jared forgetting what he is capable of and not capable of doing and how he would try to get ahead of himself at times. You wondered how you would find your balance when it comes time for him to go home. As I was reading my scriptures, I am in Helaman, I was pondering how the Lord had to bring to the people rememberance repeatedly, over and over and over again to repent and to be rightous. I thought, how frustrating it must be to the Lord to continually have to keep reminding the people whose people they are and that they must repent. As a mother, I feel as though I am ALWAYS bringing my children to a rememberance of what they know they need to do. It seems to me that this repetition is needed, or must be necessary for many of us as our short term memory seems to be affected by our circumstances....we are rightous in waves. I do not often share my ponderings....but I thought to share them this night. So,, me, we often forget what we are supposed to be doing, what we are capable of and what we have need to learn. We, too, need to be brought to a rememberance and those around us that want what is best for us, listen to the Lord, to our Prophet. If we listen, we will find safety. Thank you for the literal reminding.