Friday, March 11, 2011

In surgery

Jared was taken into surgery a few minutes ago. He was laughing himself silly!!!! Yes, they pre-drugged him...thank heavens for good medicine. Jared asked the anesthesiologist if he would wake up, his response was "what are you going to do if I let you wake up", that is what sent Jared into major giggles.

As I was in the family surgical waiting room, a man came in yelling "I need to find my granddaughter they said she died." As the nurses tried to calm him, he became extremely irate yelling louder and pounding on the counter. Security was called and he was tackled and is being held by the police. Scary? A little, but I was more concerned that he is just so upset, now everyone in the waiting room is talking, loudly, about the incident and being extremely negative. How easy for people to judge, I feel really bad that he is now in custody and can't get to his family. After all, he is just frightened, and it flooded me with memories from the beginning of our journey. I finally left the waiting room for some quiet. One of the nurses asked if I was upset, of course I am, at how insensitive others can be. The police even brought in statements for people to fill out so they can keep him for as long as they can. I did not participate. I just pray for this stranger and hope he will find some peace and will be allowed to see his family.

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