Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th

Happy 15th Birthday to Jared and 17th for Jason!

I think this has to be THE best birthday! So grateful to have Jared here and doing so well! HE is an amazing teen!

Jared is making great progress everyday, yesterday he used his right hand to write some thank you cards! Nice job Jared!


  1. Happy Birthday Jared! So glad you made it to 15. Have a good one.

  2. What a special birthday celebration for you all! So glad that you are home and things are going well.

  3. Jared,

    It's Bro. Wilson. Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Thanks for sharing your faith and courage with so many of us. I have come by to see you a few times but the address we have at the seminary must be wrong. Bro. Hill said you and your mom came in last Friday. Sorry I missed you. I am very excited that you will be able to come back to seminary. Have a great birthday and I will see you soon.

    A big fan,

    Bro. Wilson

  4. Hi Jared. I'm left handed. So writing with my right hand would be a big chore. I will have some empathy for you. People will appreciate every word you write.
    Love to you and your family.
    It will be fun to see your Mom in a day or so. Glad you get to come up., Jill