Friday, March 4, 2011


The neuro-surgeon just came and gave us the new plan:

Release on Tuesday - 8th
Surgery Friday morning - 11th
Home Saturday!
This is all contingent on his bone piece being here on time. If it is not here in PCH's freezer by Tuesday his surgery will be cancelled until the 17th. Apparently, human bone is considered hazardous waste, so there is tons of paperwork to have it transferred, the FDA has to track the bone until it is replaced. Crazy!

We will be able to have visitors next week while we are in Tooele for three days. BUT, you cannot be sick! If Jared gets sick his surgery will be cancelled. We will let you know how and where to visit us later this week.

Changes, this is where I have no patience! Wish us luck today!

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  1. I remember the meltdowns & wake-ups I had well. Hang in there, it will even out. I have never been an overly emotional person - that's where I got hit. I can cry over everything! Sounds like Jared got the Impulse control. He will learn to compensate but it will take a lot of time.