Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12th

Back in Tooele until Tuesday.

We were released from the hospital at 11 this morning. I wasn't expecting to get out until late afternoon. Jared did so well, he was released early.

Jared only needed morphine for the first two hours after surgery. Then he only used lortab twice in the next fifteen hours. He hasn't used anything since nine this morning! He says he feels great. Jared had to have a drain line pulled from his scalp and a CAT scan, everything went smooth and he looks awesome, even though he has only half of his head shaved. You would think they would shave it all, considering how much they charge for surgery!

When the doctor told him we could leave he stood up and did a little dance in the hallway. We went and spent some more time with our little friend Bella before we left. We are so excited, she started walking on her own yesterday, she is amazing! We wish her continued success!

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