Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th

Yesterday was pretty rough for mom! This reality check was pretty hard for me to deal with. If I have a hard time getting Jared up and ready for therapy in the hospital, HOW am I supposed to do it on my own when we go home? He is so difficult because he "thinks" he's all better. Aaarrrggghh.

I played the why game for about a minute, then I changed my question to what do I need to do and how do I do this. I don't have the answer yet, but I hope I find it soon. I do know that finding the answer begins with faith, prayer, PATIENCE, and hard work.

When you have a child with a brain injury the nurses are trained to talk with you and teach you about the injury and things to expect. Yesterday as I talked with Dave, I told him my concerns, all he told me was I needed to find my own balance. Not very helpful at the moment, but I better understand that this morning. How can someone tell you your balance? I will have to find my way.

Jared had a great day. He was frustrated that I would ditch him to go to dinner with Brandon, his fiancée and Jackson. I had a great time playing grandma with Jackson, he is sooo cute!
When I came back to the hospital, the York's were here visiting and keeping Jared entertained. Guess what, the York's bought Jared a UofU blanket, I'm sure that was painful (they are diehard Y fans). Brigid also brought Jared a doll with a homemade quilt, ahhhh. She brought it so Jared could give it to one of the little girls here on his floor.

After therapy this morning we are allowed to leave for about four hours. Yeah. not sure what we are doing yet. We will be going to a reception tonight for Brandon's friend. Jared is excited to be leaving this place. I have to say, I am too.

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