Monday, March 7, 2011


In a world full of change, ours changes again...we are NOT getting out of here tomorrow.

Jared has been out of control and refuses to do therapy. The attending doctor came in and recognized there is a problem, finally someone sees what I have been struggling with the last few days. They are going to change his meds and keep us here for the rest of the week. This is frustrating but yet it is a relief in some ways. I am not prepared to deal with the behavioral changes that Jared is struggling with, besides a brain injury, he is a teenager! NOT a good combination.

I hope that the new meds will help even Jared out. Another part of the problem is Jared recognizes that he has learning problems but he won't acknowledge that there IS a problem.

I have had my own epiphany....this will come as a shock to others, beacuase i can be just a bit of a CF - I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING! Now I just need to learn how and when to ask for help.



  1. To my favorite CF... If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I love you!

  2. Being a CF is totally understandable! I'm one myself! Had fun at Zion's Bank today...hope that's one more thing you and Lee dont' have to think about! :)
    I'm glad the Dr. is keeping Jared'll keep the stress levels down! Hang in there!

  3. My appointment in SLC lasted way late, and we didn't get over even to say hello. We drove (crawled) home in the snow storm at 6:30PM. Much more in SLC than Tooele.
    We love you and so good to see both of you Sunday at church for Baby Keaton's blessing and Testimony Meeting.!!!