Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

What a beautiful spring day! Jared and I went for a walk inside the building and he asked if we could go outside for some fresh air. We went up to the third floor where they have a large patio. As I pushed Jared's wheelchair outside he began breathing heavily, he said "I'm trying to get all the air I can before we have to go back inside." Great Strategy!

Jared was able to get dressed 100% by himself today, this included tying his shoes and doing up the button on his pants!!!

The Neurosurgeon just stopped by, he told us Jared is ready for his bone piece to be put back in...if they can locate it. He thinks he will do the surgery in two weeks, because he will be out of town next week. There is a small chance that he may put it back next Monday before he leaves town....

It will be inserted using dissolvable plates not glue...they do things different here than UMC in Vegas.

BTW...the young man that was in a coma next to Jared's room, is now breathing on his own and is beginning to wake up. We are so excited!!!

Yesterday a gentleman from St George stopped by to check on Jared. He is a high councilman that was asked by the Stake Presidency to stop by and check on us and to send their love. I love our church, these are men that we have never met before, but I know they truly care and love us. The high councilman is here because his four year old has cancer, please say a prayer for her, she will have surgery next Tuesday. Her name is Jessica.

Missing Lee today, can't wait to go home!

Today Jared has a friend coming to visit, he is so excited! He loves company.

Jared is such an inspiration to me. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were in his shoes, I don't think I would have the same strength.

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