Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th

Yes we are in Tooele, we were discharged until Friday.

Dr. Such-Neibar, who has been Jared's primary doctor, felt that his anti-depressant meds were the problem. We are weaning him off, tonight is the last dose, let's hope this was the problem and the agitation will go away soon. He does seem to be better today.

So a funny from yesterday: When Jared heard that the hospital hadn't located his skull piece yet, he put his helmet on and started walking down the hall, when asked by a tech where he was going he replied, "to hire a lawyer, I'm going to sue them for losing it, how hard is it to attach a tag with my name and file it in the freezer."

Yesterday when I arrived in town Jared was upset that I wouldn't let him go hang out with his friends, so he tried to run down the street. Aarrgghh, try reasoning with a teenager that is throwing a temper tantrum like a four year old (I know that's typical) but I couldn't pick him up and put him in the car, I'm sure it was quite a scene for the neighbors...ha ha!

But, we both did some yelling and crying and got it all together! I think he finally realizes he has to be cautious! Had a great night sleep, Jared slept for about twelve hours. I am having him sleep on a mattress on the floor, I'm worried about him falling off the bed.

We went shopping today and saw Sister Barton, what a treat for her and us to spend some time together. She is such a wonderful lady, we love her very much. Her comments to Jared helped me to stop and refocus on what a miracle he is...I am grateful for her words!

Tomorrow I am going to treat myself to some me time, going for a pedi!

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