Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd

Yesterday was another fantastic day! Jared did awesome in all of his therapies. He jogged on the treadmill and down the hallway, walked three flights of stairs to see the helipad and played tag with me in his wheelchair outside. His friend Marcus came to hang out and play xbox. We went to teen night upstairs and played UNO spin with two other adults. No teens, what's up with that?

We think we finally have things narrowed down...Jared will be making pumpkin cheesecake for a his release party on Tuesday. Wednesday is pre-op day. Thursday is surgery to replace the bone piece. Friday we are headed home to St. George! Yeah!

We will be in Tooele on Sunday, I am trying to "plan" a little friend time, so watch for the announcement to know when you can come and visit.

Today has been great for therapy but it is a very quiet day! The Hammonds from Tooele stopped by to visit and Jared's friend Hayden is here hanging out for the next three hours. Hayden brought his guitar to teach Jared how to play, music therapy brought up a guitar for Jared to practice with. I'm hoping he will like guitar and want to take lessons, it IS safer than boxing. Yes, he is still trying to convince me he needs boxing lessons!!! Like that will happen in this lifetime.

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  1. I am serioulsy amazed at Jared's progress. Especially after the initial prognosis. Wow. The Lord has a mission for him. I am thrilled for you all! Wohoo!!