Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly adventures

Last Wednesday I let Jared go on a hike up a waterfall. Yes you read that right! He went with his new scout group, only after mom lectured the leader about his injury. All went well.

While Jared was explaining about his injury to his new scout leader, Brother Barben stopped him and said "That was you, I was one of the fireman that responded to the 911 call, I can't wait to tell the other guys at the station how well you are doing, we have all been concerned." What a small world.

Moved on the weekend. Great physical therapy for Jared.

Jared got out of the car today on a busy road and just started crossing before looking, AHHHHH! I don't know who yelled at him more, me or Jason! Oh, and yes there were cars coming pretty close, we couldn't even get to him before the cars were right there.

He has run away from us twice this week. First time I was in tears searching Tooele for him. Second time Jason followed him in Saint George and eventually brought him back! TBI!

The boys were swimming in the back yard and Jared decided to run, ugh, yes he slipped and fell, more heart failures for Jason and I! Luckily he didn't hit his head, close, he almost fell into a cement bench! I'm starting to think he has an overworked angel guarding him! Thank you dear angel!

Monday was Jared's last day of physical therapy!

Jared is so excited to be done with physical therapy that he tried to convince his occupational therapist that he should be done. No cigar! Jared has decided he wants his hand to heal quicker and get back to normal, so he and his therapist have come up with a plan....let you know Friday! It's a secret until then, IF Jared follows through with his own plan.


  1. Scary. Your family definately has guardian angels. We'll continue to pray for you and put your names in the temple.
    We love you.

    Jill Dunn and Joel

  2. I can certainly identify Brother Barben. As a dispatcher we rarely hear the outcome of calls we take. Some (and I know Jared's is one of them) stay with you more than others. I'm sure you have no idea just how much those firemen have thought of and wondered about Jared. Many of them probably went home that night and held their children a little longer.

    It's wonderful to hear of all your adventures, Jared. Keep up the good work!

    And don't forget... D&C 10:4 Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you... but be diligent unto the end.