Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer excitement

Summer has definitely been a crazy and busy journey!

Jared is doing awesome!

He has been working on summer packets to catch up on missing credits. Some of the work has been easy and others have been a real challenge. We are taking it slow and doing what we can.

He has graduated from occupational therapy. He still has tremors in his right hand but he has great strength in it. He is still seeing a therapist for his memory, which continues to improve, and also for his higher level thinking.

Jared is not as impulsive as he was before.

His left foot tires easily and aches a lot. But, that will continue to improve with time.

Jared attended our Stake Youth Trek the first week of June, what a great experience for him to participate in. He only lasted two days, but they were the HARDEST days. The first day they hiked up a steep incline for eight miles and they climbed 3500 feet. The second day he hiked 5 miles. It was so steep that it took the group four hours to go one mile! Insane!
We are proud of Jared for doing his best!

Jared has started a job....he is a busboy at a Mexican restaurant near our home...Peppers Cantina. We LOVE Peppers, Jared walked in late one night to pick up our dinner, he told the owner he should hire him to clean up! Job was Jared's! He works Monday thru Wednesday 11-2.

Jared just completed his Neruo-psychological testing to see what his deficits are. We had our meeting with the Neuropsychologist on Monday to get the results. Once again, we can see the miracles that our Heavenly Father continues to give to us, our hearts are continually grateful to Him. Jared, pre-injury, had an IQ of 114 - Superior. Now he is ranging in the low 100's - Average. However, the doctor told him he will get ALL of that back. He also said that considering everything that happened Jared is a miracle, he shouldn't be where he is today on the testing scales. Have we heard this before? Yes, many, many times.

If Jared isn't busy with school work, work or therapies he is a Fish, constantly swimming!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and all is well with everyone!

Sending our love to all!

Jared has started a

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  1. Hi Jared, I just checked in and found an update. You're great!!
    Look forward to seeing you at our home on Aug. 21st in Tooele.
    Joel and Jill Dunn