Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update - April

I can't believe we've only been home a month. It seems like forever.

Changes in our lives...we are finally moved into our new least for the next eighteen months. Lee's boss, Jim, and his wife Mary, left for their mission on Monday, and we are going to take care of their home while they are serving in the British West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago).

Living with Jared has become extremely interesting, there is never a dull moment around here, or at the store, or at the theaters, or at a restaurant...

Jared is different in so many ways. He smiles more, he laughs more and is always trying to make us laugh. We love these changes, but, sometimes he can be quite embarrassing. Last night we were all craving Chinese food, so we went out to dinner and the whole time Jared was pulling faces. Like I said before, he reminds me of a four year old in many ways. Going shopping is always interesting too, he likes to stop and play with toys, touch everything, and run his hand across the shelves as we walk touchy, I have to remind him.

I think last time I posted I mentioned that we were sleeping in and doing nothing, well last week I decided it was time to get back to normal, whatever that may be for the moment. So we officially went to school four days! Jared goes to math everyday and then to Seminary and math every other day. He thought he could add one more class, so he tried to add foods on Friday, but I received a text from him to "come pick me up" after only going to two classes. I ran to the school expecting tears, but instead he jumped into the car and started to laugh hysterically telling me to hurry and drive. What? Are you okay? "Yes, just drive fast". As I pulled away he was still laughing and said "I just don't want to be here.". I guess laughter beats tears any day.

Jared is going to three sets of therapy twice a week. He should only need physical for another couple of weeks. He looks good physically, but he still has some short term memory challenges and his right hand still has tremors. He is having a hard time writing and grasping. We have spills everyday and sometimes more than one. Spills clean up, things can be repaired and replaced....Jared trying - absolutely priceless!

I was talking to Lee last night and I asked him if he thought Jared was getting better or getting worse, he told me no, he's just at a standstill for the moment, and then he reminded me, it's only been two and half months since the accident.

Take life one day at a time and appreciate what you have!

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  1. I'm glad you posted an update. I was wondering how things are going. Hang in there, like you said keep taking one day at a time! You've all been through so much, you and Lee and Jared of course are amazing!